Kentucky 55+ Mature Driver Program for the state of Kentucky

Kentucky 55 Alive Mature Driver Course

  Seasoned Driver Training Program

  Driver Improvement Classes  Online Traffic School

This Online Course Pays for Itself...

According to mandated state laws, people age 55 and older who complete a state approved defensive driving course are eligible to receive a 10 percent, three-year discount on auto insurance.

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You will be eligible for the Mature Drivers Defensive Driving 55 Alive Course if you are 55 years of age or older!  Start saving as soon as you complete the course.  And the savings keep coming for the next three (3) years!!!

All residents aged 55 or older qualify for a discount of between 10-15% simply by taking this user-friendly online course. You could save thousands over the course of the discount!

It certainly pays for itself to take the course right away.  Check with your agent/company for more information regarding premium discounts. 

 Your Success is Guaranteed

With subject-specific chapters and unlimited quiz retakes, you are guaranteed to pass and receive your insurance discount. You never need to leave your home, you never have to sit for hours in a classroom, and you will save both time and money in the process.                                       

Sign up today and start your savings!!!!  You may take as long as needed to complete the course, or complete the course all at once if you prefer...

Kentucky 55+ Mature Driver Program

  Defensive Driving Class for the state of KY.   


    Aberdeen, KY

    Abigail, KY

    Access, KY

    Adairville, KY

    Adams, KY

    Adolphus, KY

    Ages Brookside, KY

    Airport Gardens, KY

    Akersville, KY

    Albany, KY

    Alexandria, KY

    Aliceton, KY

    Allegre, KY

    Allen, KY

    Allensville, KY

    Almo, KY

    Alphoretta, KY

    Alton Station, KY

    Alum Springs, KY

    Alvaton, KY

    Amburgey, KY

    Ammons, KY

    Anchorage, KY

    Andrews, KY

    Anna Lynne, KY

    Anneta, KY

    Annville, KY

    Anthoston, KY

    Argillite, KY

    Arjay, KY

    Arkle, KY

    Arlington, KY

    Artemus, KY

    Arthurmabel, KY

    Arvel, KY

    Ary, KY

    Ashcamp, KY

    Asher, KY

    Ashland, KY

    Ashland Park, KY

    Asphalt, KY

    Athertonville, KY

    Auburn, KY

    Audubon Park, KY

    Augusta, KY

    Austin, KY

    Auxier, KY

    Avawam, KY

    Avenstoke, KY

    Axtel, KY

    Bagdad, KY

    Baizetown, KY

    Baldrock, KY

    Baldwin Ford, KY

    Ballardsville, KY

    Bandana, KY

    Bank Lick, KY

    Banner, KY

    Barbourmeade, KY

    Barbourville, KY

    Bardstown Junction, KY

    Bardstown, KY

    Bardwell, KY

    Barlow, KY

    Barnetts Creek, KY

    Barren River, KY

    Barterville, KY

    Barthell, KY

    Baskett, KY

    Battletown, KY

    Baxter, KY

    Bays Branch, KY

    Bays, KY

    Bear Branch, KY

    Beattyville, KY

    Beaumont, KY

    Beauty, KY

    Beaver Bottom, KY

    Beaver Dam, KY

    Beaver Junction, KY

    Beaver, KY

    Becknerville, KY

    Bedford, KY

    Bee Spring, KY

    Beech Creek, KY

    Beech Grove, KY

    Beechmont, KY

    Beechville, KY

    Beechwood Village, KY

    Beelerton, KY

    Beetle, KY

    Belcher, KY

    Belfry, KY

    Belknap Beach, KY

    Bellefonte, KY

    Bellemeade, KY

    Bellevue, KY

    Bellewood, KY

    Bells Run, KY

    Belton, KY

    Ben Bow, KY

    Benham, KY

    Benton, KY

    Berea, KY

    Berry, KY

    Bethany, KY

    Bethelridge, KY

    Bethlehem, KY

    Betsey, KY

    Betsy Layne, KY

    Betty, KY

    Beulah Heights, KY

    Beverly, KY

    Bevinsville, KY

    Big Bone, KY

    Big Clifty, KY

    Big-Creek, KY

    Big-Laurel, KY

    Big Reedy, KY

    Big Windy, KY

    Bighill, KY

    Billows, KY

    Bimble, KY

    Black Gnat, KY

    Black Gold, KY

    Black Snake, KY

    Blackburn Bottom, KY

    Blackey, KY

    Blackford, KY

    Blackmont, KY

    Bladeston, KY

    Blaine, KY

    Blair Town, KY

    Blandville, KY

    Bledsoe, KY

    Bloomfield, KY

    Blue Heron, KY

    Blue John, KY

    Blue Moon, KY

    Blue Ridge Manor, KY

    Blue River, KY

    Bluebank, KY

    Board Tree, KY

    Boaz, KY

    Bolyn, KY

    Bon Air Estates, KY

    Bon Air Hills, KY

    Bon Ayr, KY

    Boneyville, KY

    Bonnieville, KY

    Bonnyman, KY

    Boone Heights, KY

    Boonesborough, KY

    Booneville, KY

    Boons Camp, KY

    Boreing, KY

    Boston, KY

    Botto, KY

    Bourbon Springs, KY

    Bowling Green, KY

    Boxville, KY

    Bracktown, KY

    Bradfordsville, KY

    Bramlett, KY

    Brandenburg, KY

    Breck, KY

    Breeding, KY

    Bremen, KY

    Briarwood, KY

    Briarwood Manor, KY

    Brien, KY

    Briensburg, KY

    Brinegar, KY

    Broadville Manor, KY

    Brodhead, KY

    Bromley, KY

    Bronston, KY

    Brooks, KY

    Brooksville, KY

    Broughtentown, KY

    Browder, KY

    Browning Corner, KY

    Browns Fork, KY

    Browns Grove, KY

    Brownsboro Farm, KY

    Brownsboro Village, KY

    Brownsville, KY

    Brumfield, KY

    Bryan Station, KY

    Bryantsville, KY

    Buckhorn, KY

    Buckner, KY

    Buechel, KY

    Buffalo, KY

    Buggytown, KY

    Bugtussle, KY

    Bulan, KY

    Bullittsville, KY

    Burdine, KY

    Burgin, KY

    Burkes Spring, KY

    Burkesville, KY

    Burlington, KY

    Burna, KY

    Burnaugh, KY

    Burnetta, KY

    Burning Fork, KY

    Burning Springs, KY

    Burnside, KY

    Bush, KY

    Busy, KY

    Butchertown, KY

    Butler, KY

    Bypro, KY

    Cadentown, KY

    Cadiz, KY

    Calhoun, KY

    California, KY

    Calloway Crossing, KY

    Calvert City, KY

    Camargo, KY

    Cambridge, KY

    Cambridge Shores, KY

    Camp Taylor, KY

    Campbellsburg, KY

    Campbellsville, KY

    Campton, KY

    Canada, KY

    Cane-Valley, KY

    Caneyville, KY

    Canmer, KY

    Cannel-City, KY

    Cannon, KY

    Cannons Point, KY

    Cantown, KY

    Canyon Falls, KY

    Capito, KY

    Carbon Glow, KY

    Cardinal Hill, KY

    Cardinal Valley, KY

    Carlisle, KY

    Carr Creek, KY

    Carr, KY

    Carrie, KY

    Carrollton, KY

    Carrsville, KY

    Carter, KY

    Casey Creek, KY

    Catlettsburg, KY

    Catnip, KY

    Cave City, KY

    Cawood, KY

    Cecilia, KY

    Cedar Flats, KY

    Cedar Spring, KY

    Cedarville, KY

    Center, KY

    Centertown, KY

    Central City, KY

    Cerulean, KY

    Chaplin, KY

    Chappell, KY

    Charley, KY

    Charters, KY

    Chavies, KY

    Cherokee Garden, KY

    Chevrolet, KY

    Chicken Bristle, KY

    Chilesburg, KY

    Choateville, KY

    Cinda, KY

    Clarkson, KY

    Claryville, KY

    Clay City, KY

    Clay, KY

    Clay Village, KY

    Clayhole, KY

    Claymour, KY

    Clear Creek Springs, KY

    Clearfield, KY

    Cleaton, KY

    Clementsville, KY

    Clermont, KY

    Clifton, KY

    Clifty, KY

    Clinton, KY

    Closplint, KY

    Cloverport, KY

    Clovertown, KY

    Cloyds Landing, KY

    Clutts, KY

    Co-Operative, KY

    Coal Run Village, KY

    Coalgood, KY

    Cobhill, KY

    Colby Hills, KY

    Cold Spring, KY

    Coldiron, KY

    Coldstream, KY

    Colemansville, KY

    Coletown, KY

    Collista, KY

    Colts, KY

    Columbia, KY

    Columbus, KY

    Combs Ford, KY

    Combs, KY

    Concord, KY

    Confederate, KY

    Confluence, KY

    Corbin, KY

    Cordia, KY

    Corinth, KY

    Cornettsville, KY

    Cornishville, KY

    Corydon, KY

    Cottongim, KY

    Country Club Heights, KY

    Covington, KY

    Cowcreek, KY

    Coxs Creek, KY

    Crab Orchard, KY

    Cranks, KY

    Craycraft, KY

    Crayne, KY

    Craynor, KY

    Creekmore, KY

    Creekville, KY

    Creelsboro, KY

    Crescent Park, KY

    Crescent Springs, KY

    Crestview Hills, KY

    Crestview, KY

    Crestwood, KY

    Crider, KY

    Crittenden, KY

    Crockett, KY

    Crockettsville, KY

    Crofton, KY

    Cromona, KY

    Cromwell, KY

    Crossgate, KY

    Cruise, KY

    Crummies, KY

    Cub Run, KY

    Culvertown, KY

    Cumberland, KY

    Cumberland Shores, KY

    Cunningham, KY

    Cupio, KY

    Curdsville, KY

    Custer, KY

    Cutshin, KY

    Cynthiana, KY

    Dana, KY

    Daniel Boone, KY

    Daniels, KY

    Danleyton, KY

    Danville, KY

    Darfork, KY

    David, KY

    Davis Hill, KY

    Dawson Springs, KY

    Dayhoit, KY

    Daysboro, KY

    Dayton, KY

    De Mossville, KY

    Deane, KY

    Debord, KY

    Deep Springs, KY

    Defoe, KY

    Dekoven, KY

    Delphia, KY

    Dema, KY

    DeMossville, KY

    Demplytown, KY

    Denney, KY

    Denniston, KY

    Denton, KY

    Depoy, KY

    Desda, KY

    Dewdrop, KY

    Dewitt, KY

    Dexter, KY

    Dice, KY

    Dione, KY

    Dixon, KY

    Dizney, KY

    Dogcreek, KY

    Dogwalk, KY

    Donerail, KY

    Dorton Branch, KY

    Dorton, KY

    Douglass Hills, KY

    Dover, KY

    Dowell, KY

    Doylesville, KY

    Draffin, KY

    Drake, KY

    Drakesboro, KY

    Dressen, KY

    Drift, KY

    Druid Hills, KY

    Dry Ridge, KY

    Drydock, KY

    Dubre, KY

    Dug Hill, KY

    Dunbar, KY

    Duncanon, KY

    Dundee, KY

    Dunmor, KY

    Dunnville, KY

    Dwale, KY

    Dwarf, KY

    Dycusburg, KY

    Earlington, KY

    East Bernstadt, KY

    East Hickman, KY

    East Jenkins, KY

    East McDowell, KY

    East Pineville, KY

    East Point, KY

    Easterday, KY

    Eastern, KY

    Eastland Park, KY

    Eastview, KY

    Eastwood, KY

    Eddy Bay, KY

    Eddyville, KY

    Edgewood, KY

    Edgoten, KY

    Edmonton, KY

    Edsel, KY

    Eighty Eight, KY

    Ekron, KY

    Elcomb, KY

    Eli, KY

    Elihu, KY

    Elimer, KY

    Elizabethtown, KY

    Elizaville, KY

    Elk Chester, KY

    Elk Horn, KY

    Elkfork, KY

    Elkhorn City, KY

    Elkton, KY

    Elliottville, KY

    Elmrock, KY

    Elsmere, KY

    Emberton, KY

    Emerson, KY

    Eminence, KY

    Emlyn, KY

    Emmalena, KY

    Eolia, KY

    Eriline, KY

    Erlanger, KY

    Ermine, KY

    Erose, KY

    Essie, KY

    Estesburg, KY

    Etoile, KY

    Etty, KY

    Eubank, KY

    Evarts, KY

    Ewing, KY

    Exie, KY

    Ezel, KY

    Fairdale, KY

    Fairfield, KY

    Fairmeade, KY

    Fairplay, KY

    Fairview Hill, KY

    Fairview, KY

    Fall-Rock, KY

    Falls of Rough, KY

    Falmouth, KY

    Fancy Farm, KY

    Fariston, KY

    Farler, KY

    Farmers, KY

    Farmington, KY

    Farristown, KY

    Faubush, KY

    Feathersburg, KY

    Fedscreek, KY

    Feliciana, KY

    Felty, KY

    Ferguson, KY

    Fern Creek, KY

    Fernleaf, KY

    Fiddle Bow, KY

    Fidelio, KY

    Fielden, KY

    Fies, KY

    Figgs, KY

    Fincastle, KY

    Finchville, KY

    Firebrick, KY

    Fisherville, KY

    Fisty, KY

    Flagg Spring, KY

    Flaherty, KY

    Flat-Lick, KY

    Flatgap, KY

    Flatwoods, KY

    Fleming-Neon, KY

    Flemingsburg, KY

    Flener, KY

    Florence, KY

    Floydsburg, KY

    Fogertown, KY

    Fonde, KY

    Fords-Branch, KY

    Fordsville, KY

    Forest Hills, KY

    Forks of Elkhorn, KY

    Fort Campbell, KY

    Fort Campbell North, KY

    Fort Knox, KY

    Fort Mitchell, KY

    Fort Thomas, KY

    Fort Wright, KY

    Foster, KY

    Fountain Run, KY

    Fourmile, KY

    Fourseam, KY

    Fox Chase, KY

    Frakes, KY

    Frankfort, KY

    Franklin, KY

    Fredonia, KY

    Freeburn, KY

    Frenchburg, KY

    Freys Hill, KY

    Fryer, KY

    Frymire, KY

    Fulgham, KY

    Fulton, KY

    Fultz, KY

    Futrell, KY

    Gadberry, KY

    Gaithers, KY

    Galveston PO, KY

    Gamaliel, KY

    Gamesway, KY

    Gap in Knob, KY

    Garden Springs, KY

    Gardenside, KY

    Gardnersville, KY

    Garfield, KY

    Garmeada, KY

    Garner, KY

    Garrard, KY

    Garrett, KY

    Garrison, KY

    Garvin Ridge, KY

    Gasper, KY

    Gatliff, KY

    Gays Creek, KY

    Georgetown, KY

    German Town, KY

    Germantown, KY

    Ghent, KY

    Gilbertsville, KY

    Gillmore, KY

    Ginseng, KY

    Girdler, KY

    Girkin, KY

    Gishton, KY

    Glasgow, KY

    Glen Lily, KY

    Glencoe, KY

    Glendale, KY

    Glens Fork, KY

    Glensboro, KY

    Glenview Heights, KY

    Glenview Hills, KY

    Glenview, KY

    Glenview Manor, KY

    Glo, KY

    Glomawr, KY

    Goffs Corner, KY

    Goforth, KY

    Goins, KY

    Gold City, KY

    Goldbug, KY

    Golden Ash, KY

    Golden Pond, KY

    Gollihue, KY

    Goochtown, KY

    Goody, KY

    Goose Creek, KY

    Goose Rock, KY

    Gordon Ford, KY

    Gordon, KY

    Goshen, KY

    Gracey, KY

    Gradyville, KY

    Graefenburg, KY

    Graham Hill, KY

    Graham, KY

    Grahn, KY

    Grand Rivers, KY

    Grange City, KY

    Grangertown, KY

    Grannie, KY

    Grants Lick, KY

    Gratz, KY

    Gravel Switch, KY

    Gray-Hawk, KY

    Gray, KY

    Graymoor-Devondale, KY

    Grays Branch, KY

    Grayson, KY

    Greasy Creek, KY

    Great Crossing, KY

    Greensburg, KY

    Greenup, KY

    Greenville, KY

    Gregoryville, KY

    Grethel, KY

    Grethel PO, KY

    Griderville, KY

    Griffytown, KY

    Gullett, KY

    Gulston, KY

    Guston, KY

    Guthrie, KY

    Habit, KY

    Haddix, KY

    Hagerhill, KY

    Haldeman, KY

    Hallie, KY

    Halo, KY

    Hampton, KY

    Handshoe, KY

    Hanly, KY

    Hanson, KY

    Happy, KY

    Happy Landing, KY

    Hardburly, KY

    Hardin, KY

    Hardinsburg, KY

    Hardshell, KY

    Hardy, KY

    Hardyville, KY

    Hargett, KY

    Hargis, KY

    Harlan Gas, KY

    Harlan, KY

    Harmony Landing, KY

    Harned, KY

    Harold, KY

    Harreldsville, KY

    Harrods-Creek, KY

    Harrodsburg, KY

    Hartford, KY

    Hawesville, KY

    Hays Crossing, KY

    Hazard, KY

    Hazel Green, KY

    Hazel, KY

    Hazel Patch, KY

    Heatherfield, KY

    Hebron Estates, KY

    Hebron, KY

    Hegira, KY

    Heidelberg, KY

    Heidrick, KY

    Helechawa, KY

    Hellier, KY

    Helton, KY

    Hemp Ridge, KY

    Henderson, KY

    Hendron, KY

    Henry Clay, KY

    Henry, KY

    Herndon, KY

    Herron Hill, KY

    Hestand, KY

    Hi Hat, KY

    Hickman, KY

    Hickory Hill, KY

    Hickory, KY

    High Hickory, KY

    Highland Heights, KY

    Highsplint, KY

    Hightop, KY

    Highview, KY

    Highway, KY

    Hills and Dales, KY

    Hillsboro, KY

    Hillview, KY

    Hima, KY

    Himyar, KY

    Hindman, KY

    Hiner, KY

    Hinkle, KY

    Hippo, KY

    Hiseville, KY

    Hislope, KY

    Hitchins, KY

    Hode, KY

    Hodgenville, KY

    Hogue, KY

    Holland, KY

    Hollow Creek, KY

    Hollyhill, KY

    Hollyvilla, KY

    Holmes Mill, KY

    Honeybee, KY

    Hope, KY

    Hopkinsville, KY

    Horn Back Mill, KY

    Horse Branch, KY

    Horse Cave, KY

    Horsemill, KY

    Hoskinston, KY

    Hot Spot, KY

    Houston Acres, KY

    Howardstown, KY

    Hubble, KY

    Huddy, KY

    Hudson, KY

    Hueys Corners, KY

    Hueysville, KY

    Hunter Town, KY

    Hunters Hollow, KY

    Hunters Trace, KY

    Hurstbourne Acres, KY

    Hurstbourne, KY

    Hustonville, KY

    Hutch, KY

    Hyden, KY

    Idle Hour, KY

    Independence, KY

    Indian Hills, KY

    Inez, KY

    Inroad, KY

    Irvine, KY

    Irvington, KY

    Island City, KY

    Island, KY

    Isom, KY

    Isonville, KY

    Ivel, KY

    Jabez, KY

    Jackhorn, KY

    Jackson, KY

    Jamboree, KY

    Jamestown, KY

    Jeff, KY

    Jeffersontown, KY

    Jeffersonville, KY

    Jenkins, KY

    Jeremiah, KY

    Jeriel, KY

    Jessietown, KY

    Jetson, KY

    Jewel City, KY

    Johns Run, KY

    Jonancy, KY

    Jonesville, KY

    Judy, KY

    Julip, KY

    Junction City, KY

    Justell, KY

    Kaliopi, KY

    Kavanaugh, KY

    Keaton, KY

    Keavy, KY

    Keck, KY

    Kee, KY

    Keefer, KY

    Keene, KY

    Keeneland, KY

    Kehoe, KY

    Kenawood, KY

    Kentenia, KY

    Kenton Hills, KY

    Kenton, KY

    Kenton Vale, KY

    Kentontown, KY

    Kenvir, KY

    Kerby Knob, KY

    Kernie, KY

    Kettle Island, KY

    Kettle, KY

    Kevil, KY

    Kidds Crossing, KY

    Kimper, KY

    Kings Mountain, KY

    Kingsley, KY

    Kinney, KY

    Kirkmansville, KY

    Kirksey, KY

    Kite, KY

    Kitts, KY

    Knifley, KY

    Knob Lick, KY

    Knottsville, KY

    Kosmosdale, KY

    Krypton, KY

    Kuttawa, KY

    La Center, KY

    La Fayette, KY

    La Grange, KY

    Lacie, KY

    Lackey, KY

    Laden, KY

    LaFayette, KY

    Lake Louisvilla, KY

    Lakeside Park, KY

    Lakeview Heights, KY

    Lamero, KY

    Lancaster, KY

    Langdon Place, KY

    Langley, KY

    Larkslane, KY

    Latonia, KY

    Latonia Lakes, KY

    Lawrenceburg, KY

    Leander, KY

    Lebanon Junction, KY

    Lebanon, KY

    Leburn, KY

    Lecta, KY

    Ledbetter, KY

    Ledford, KY

    Lee City, KY

    Leeco, KY

    Lees Lick, KY

    LeGrande, KY

    Leitchfield, KY

    Lejunior, KY

    Lenoxburg, KY

    Lerose, KY

    Letcher, KY

    Lewisburg, KY

    Lewisport, KY

    Lexington-Fayette, KY

    Lexington, KY

    Lexington Manor, KY

    Liberty, KY

    Liberty Road, KY

    Lick Creek, KY

    Lick Fork, KY

    Licking River, KY

    Lily, KY

    Limaburg, KY

    Lincoln Ridge, KY

    Lindseyville, KY

    Linefork, KY

    Littcarr, KY

    Little Bear Creek, KY

    Little, KY

    Little Mount, KY

    Little Sandy, KY

    Littrell, KY

    Livermore, KY

    Livia, KY

    Livingston, KY

    Lockport, KY

    Lodiburg, KY

    Logana, KY

    Logsdon Valley, KY

    Logville, KY

    London, KY

    Lone, KY

    Lone Oak, KY

    Lookout Heights, KY

    Lookout, KY

    Loretto, KY

    Lost Creek, KY

    Louellen, KY

    Louisa, KY

    Louisville, KY

    Lovelaceville, KY

    Lovely, KY

    Lowes, KY

    Lowmansville, KY

    Loyall, KY

    Lucas, KY

    Ludlow, KY

    Luner, KY

    Lykins, KY

    Lynch, KY

    Lyndon, KY

    Lynn Grove, KY

    Lynnview, KY

    Lynnville, KY

    Maceo, KY

    Mackville, KY

    Madisonville, KY

    Magnolia, KY

    Majestic, KY

    Mallie, KY

    Malone, KY

    Maloneton, KY

    Mammoth Cave, KY

    Manchester, KY

    Manitou, KY

    Manning Crossing, KY

    Mannsville, KY

    Marcum, KY

    Mariba, KY

    Marion, KY

    Marksbury, KY

    Marrowbone, KY

    Marshes-Siding, KY

    Martha, KY

    Martin, KY

    Martins Fork, KY

    Mary-Alice, KY

    Mary Helen, KY

    Mason, KY

    Masonville, KY

    Massac, KY

    Mathers Mill, KY

    Mattingly, KY

    Mayfield, KY

    Mayking, KY

    Mayo Village, KY

    Mayslick, KY

    Maysville, KY

    Mazie, KY

    McAndrews, KY

    McBrayer, KY

    McCarr, KY

    McHargue, KY

    McHenry, KY

    McKee, KY

    McQuady, KY

    McRoberts, KY

    McVeigh, KY

    Meadow Lawn, KY

    Meadow Vale, KY

    Meadowbrook Farm, KY

    Meadowthorpe, KY

    Meally, KY

    Means, KY

    Meece, KY

    Melber, KY

    Melbourne, KY

    Mell, KY

    Melvin, KY

    Mentor, KY

    Meshack, KY

    Middleburg, KY

    Middlesboro, KY

    Middlesborough, KY

    Middletown, KY

    Midway, KY

    Milburn, KY

    Milford, KY

    Mill Springs, KY

    Millersburg, KY

    Million, KY

    Millseat, KY

    Millstone, KY

    Milltown, KY

    Millwood, KY

    Milton, KY

    Minerva, KY

    Minnie, KY

    Minor Lane Heights, KY

    Mintonville, KY

    Miracle, KY

    Mistletoe, KY

    Mitchellsburg, KY

    Mize, KY

    Mockingbird Valley, KY

    Molus, KY

    Monterey, KY

    Monticello, KY

    Mooleyville, KY

    Moon Lake Estates, KY

    Moore Hill, KY

    Moorefield, KY

    Moores Creek, KY

    Moorman, KY

    Morehead, KY

    Morganfield, KY

    Morgantown, KY

    Morning View, KY

    Mortons Gap, KY

    Moseleyville, KY

    Mossy Bottom, KY

    Mount Eden, KY

    Mount Hermon, KY

    Mount Olivet, KY

    Mount Sherman, KY

    Mount Sterling, KY

    Mount Vernon, KY

    Mount Victor, KY

    Mount Washington, KY

    Mousie, KY

    Moutardier, KY

    Mouthcard, KY

    Mozelle, KY

    Mud Lick, KY

    Muldraugh, KY

    Munfordville, KY

    Murray Hill, KY

    Murray, KY

    Muses-Mills, KY

    Myra, KY

    Nada Lombard PO, KY

    Nancy, KY

    Nazareth, KY

    Nealy, KY

    Neatsville, KY

    Nebo, KY

    Neon Junction, KY

    Neon, KY

    Nerinx, KY

    Nevisdale, KY

    New Allen, KY

    New Castle, KY

    New Concord, KY

    New Cypress, KY

    New Haven, KY

    New Hope, KY

    New Liberty, KY

    New Roe, KY

    Newburg, KY

    Newport, KY

    Nicholasville, KY

    Nick, KY

    Nigh, KY

    Ninevah, KY

    Nobob, KY

    Noctor, KY

    Noetown, KY

    Nolin Lake Estates, KY

    Norbourne Estates, KY

    North Corbin, KY

    North Middletown, KY

    Northfield, KY

    Nortonville, KY

    Norwood, KY

    Oak Grove, KY

    Oakbrook, KY

    Oakland, KY

    Oil Springs, KY

    Oil Valley, KY

    Okolona, KY

    Olaton, KY

    Old Cypress, KY

    Old Olga, KY

    Old Volney, KY

    Olive Hill, KY

    Olmstead, KY

    Olympia, KY

    Olympia Springs, KY

    Oneida, KY

    Open Gates, KY

    Ophir, KY

    Orchard Grass Hills, KY

    Orell, KY

    Orlando, KY

    Oscaloosa, KY

    Owensboro, KY

    Owenton, KY

    Owingsville, KY

    Paducah, KY

    Paint Lick, KY

    Paintsville, KY

    Panco, KY

    Paris, KY

    Park City, KY

    Park Hills, KY

    Park Lake, KY

    Parksville, KY

    Parkway Village, KY

    Parmleysville, KY

    Partridge, KY

    Pathfork, KY

    Patsey, KY

    Payne Gap, KY

    Paynes Depot, KY

    Payneville, KY

    Peach Grove, KY

    Peaks Mill, KY

    Peasticks, KY

    Pellville, KY

    Pellyton, KY

    Pembroke, KY

    Pendleton, KY

    Penick, KY

    Penrod, KY

    Peonia, KY

    Perry Park, KY

    Perryville, KY

    Peter Creek, KY

    Petersburg, KY

    Pewee Valley, KY

    Peytonsburg, KY

    Peytontown, KY

    Phelps, KY

    Philpot, KY

    Phyllis, KY

    Pig, KY

    Pigeonroost, KY

    Pike View, KY

    Pikeville, KY

    Pilgrim, KY

    Pilot Oak, KY

    Pilot View, KY

    Pinchem, KY

    Pine Knob, KY

    Pine Knot, KY

    Pine Ridge, KY

    Pine Top, KY

    Piner, KY

    Pineville, KY

    Pinsonfork, KY

    Pioneer Village, KY

    Pippa Passes, KY

    Piso, KY

    Pittsburg, KY

    Plantation, KY

    Pleasure Ridge Park, KY

    Pleasureville, KY

    Plum Springs, KY

    Plummers-Landing, KY

    Plummers Mill, KY

    Pointer, KY

    Polin, KY

    Polksville, KY

    Pomeroyton, KY

    Pomp, KY

    Pongo, KY

    Poole, KY

    Poplar Flat, KY

    Poplar Highlands, KY

    Poplar Hills, KY

    Poplar Level, KY

    Port Oliver Ford, KY

    Port-Royal, KY

    Powder Mill, KY

    Powderly, KY

    Powersburg, KY

    Preachersville, KY

    Premium, KY

    Prestonia, KY

    Prestonsburg, KY

    Prestonville, KY

    Prichard Place, KY

    Primrose, KY

    Princeton, KY

    Printer, KY

    Prospect, KY

    Prospect PO, KY

    Providence, KY

    Pryorsburg, KY

    Puncheon, KY

    Putney, KY

    Quicksand, KY

    Quincy, KY

    Rabbit Hash, KY

    Rabbit Ridge, KY

    Raccoon, KY

    Raceland, KY

    Radcliff, KY

    Randy, KY

    Rangers Landing, KY

    Ransom, KY

    Raven, KY

    Ravenna, KY

    Raywick, KY

    Ready, KY

    Redbush, KY

    Redfox, KY

    Reed, KY

    Regina, KY

    Reid Village, KY

    Reidland, KY

    Rella, KY

    Renaker, KY

    Renfro-Valley, KY

    Revelo, KY

    Reynolds Station, KY

    Rheber, KY

    Rhodelia, KY

    Ricetown, KY

    Richlawn, KY

    Richmond, KY

    Rineltown, KY

    Rineyville, KY

    Rivals, KY

    River Bluff, KY

    River, KY

    Riverside Beach, KY

    Roark, KY

    Robards, KY

    Robinson Creek, KY

    Rochester, KY

    Rock Lick, KY

    Rockfield, KY

    Rockholds, KY

    Rockhouse, KY

    Rockport, KY

    Rocky Hill, KY

    Rodburn, KY

    Rogers, KY

    Rolan, KY

    Rolling Fields, KY

    Rolling Hills, KY

    Rollington, KY

    Rooney, KY

    Rosine, KY

    Rosspoint, KY

    Roundhill, KY

    Rousseau, KY

    Rowdy, KY

    Rowletts, KY

    Roxana, KY

    Ruckerville, KY

    Ruddels Mills, KY

    Rugless, KY

    Rumsey, KY

    Rush, KY

    Russell Cave, KY

    Russell Heights, KY

    Russell, KY

    Russell Springs, KY

    Russellville, KY

    Ryland Heights, KY

    Ryle, KY

    Sacramento, KY

    Sadieville, KY

    Saint Catharine, KY

    Saint Regis Park, KY

    Salem, KY

    Saloma, KY

    Salt Lick, KY

    Salvisa, KY

    Salyersville, KY

    Samuels, KY

    Sanders, KY

    Sandgap, KY

    Sandy Furnace, KY

    Sandy Hook, KY

    Sardis, KY

    Sassafras, KY

    Savoyard, KY

    Scale, KY

    Scalf, KY

    Schochoh, KY

    Schweizer, KY

    Science Hill, KY

    Scottsville, KY

    Scuddy, KY

    Sebree, KY

    Seco, KY

    Sedalia, KY

    Segal, KY

    Select, KY

    Sellars, KY

    Seminary Village, KY

    Seneca Gardens, KY

    Sergent, KY

    Sewell Shop, KY

    Sewellton, KY

    Sextons-Creek, KY

    Shakertown, KY

    Sharon Grove, KY

    Sharpsburg, KY

    Shawnee Estates, KY

    Shawneeland, KY

    Shelbiana, KY

    Shelby City, KY

    Shelby Gap, KY

    Shelbyville, KY

    Shepherdsville, KY

    Shiff, KY

    Shively, KY

    Shopville, KY

    Short Town, KY

    Shoulderblade, KY

    Sidney, KY

    Sidville, KY

    Siler, KY

    Silerville, KY

    Silver Grove, KY

    Simpsonville, KY

    Sinking Fork, KY

    Sinking Valley, KY

    Sip, KY

    Sirocco, KY

    Sitka, KY

    Sizerock, KY

    Slade, KY

    Slate Lick, KY

    Slaughters, KY

    Slemp, KY

    Sloans Valley, KY

    Smilax, KY

    Smile, KY

    Smith Mills, KY

    Smith Town, KY

    Smithfield, KY

    Smithland, KY

    Smiths Grove, KY

    Soldier, KY

    Somerset, KY

    Sonora, KY

    Sorgho, KY

    South Buffalo, KY

    South Carrollton, KY

    South Elkhorn, KY

    South Higginsport, KY

    South Irvine, KY

    South Marshall, KY

    South Park View, KY

    South Parkland, KY

    South-Portsmouth, KY

    South Shore, KY

    South Union, KY

    South Williamson, KY

    Southern Heights, KY

    Southgate, KY

    Sparksville, KY

    Sparrow, KY

    Sparta, KY

    Spottsville, KY

    Spring Mill, KY

    Spring Valley, KY

    Springfield, KY

    Springlee, KY

    Sprule, KY

    Spurlington, KY

    Squib, KY

    St. Charles, KY

    St. Dennis, KY

    St. Francis, KY

    St. Matthews, KY

    St. Regis Park, KY

    Stab, KY

    Stacy Fork, KY

    Staffordsburg, KY

    Staffordsville, KY

    Stambaugh, KY

    Stamping Ground, KY

    Stanfill, KY

    Stanford, KY

    Stanley, KY

    Stanton, KY

    Stanville, KY

    Static, KY

    Stearns, KY

    Steele, KY

    Steff, KY

    Stephensport, KY

    Stinnett, KY

    Stone, KY

    Stonewall Estates, KY

    Stoney-Fork, KY

    Stopover, KY

    Straight Creek, KY

    Strathmoor Gardens, KY

    Strathmoor Village, KY

    Stricklett, KY

    Strunk, KY

    Sturgis, KY

    Sublett, KY

    Sullivan, KY

    Sulphur, KY

    Summer Shade, KY

    Summersville, KY

    Sweeden, KY

    Sycamore, KY

    Symbol, KY

    Symsonia, KY

    Tacky Town, KY

    Tallega, KY

    Tar Fork, KY

    Tar Hill, KY

    Tateville, KY

    Taulbee, KY

    Taylor Mill, KY

    Taylorsport, KY

    Taylorsville, KY

    Teaberry, KY

    Teetersville, KY

    Temple Hill, KY

    Ten Broeck, KY

    Terrapin, KY

    Terrill, KY

    The Moors, KY

    Thealka, KY

    Thelma, KY

    Thixton, KY

    Thornhill, KY

    Thornton Gap, KY

    Thornton, KY

    Thousandsticks, KY

    Threeforks, KY

    Thruston, KY

    Tiline, KY

    Tillie, KY

    Tipton Ridge, KY

    Toler, KY

    Tollesboro, KY

    Tolliver Town, KY

    Tolu, KY

    Tomahawk, KY

    Tompkinsville, KY

    Topmost, KY

    Torchlight, KY

    Toria, KY

    Totz, KY

    Tram, KY

    Transylvania Beach, KY

    Trapp, KY

    Trenton, KY

    Trixie, KY

    Trosper, KY

    Turners Station, KY

    Tutor Key, KY

    Tyner, KY

    Ulysses, KY

    Union, KY

    Union-Star, KY

    Uniontown, KY

    Upper Gillmore, KY

    Upper Tygart, KY

    Upton, KY

    Utica, KY

    Uttingertown, KY

    Valley Downs, KY

    Valley Oak, KY

    Valley Station, KY

    Van Lear, KY

    Vanceburg, KY

    Vancleve, KY

    Vanhook, KY

    Varilla, KY

    Varney, KY

    Venters, KY

    Verona, KY

    Versailles, KY

    Vest, KY

    Vicco, KY

    Victoria Crossroads, KY

    Villa Hills, KY

    Vine Grove, KY

    Viper, KY

    Virgie, KY

    Visalia, KY

    Vox, KY

    Waco, KY

    Waddy, KY

    Walker, KY

    Wallingford, KY

    Wallins Creek, KY

    Waltersville, KY

    Walton, KY

    Waneta, KY

    Warbranch, KY

    Warco, KY

    Warfield, KY

    Warsaw, KY

    Water Valley, KY

    Watergap, KY

    Watterson Park, KY

    Waverly Hills, KY

    Waverly, KY

    Wayland, KY

    Waynesburg, KY

    Weaverton, KY

    Webbs Cross Roads, KY

    Webbville, KY

    Weberstown, KY

    Webster, KY

    Weeksbury, KY

    Welchs Creek, KY

    Wellhope, KY

    Wellington, KY

    Wendover, KY

    West Buechel, KY

    West Covington, KY

    West Garrett, KY

    West Irvine, KY

    West Liberty, KY

    West-Louisville, KY

    West Paducah, KY

    West Point, KY

    West Prestonsburg, KY

    West Russell, KY

    West Van Lear, KY

    West Wheatcroft, KY

    Westplains, KY

    Westport, KY

    Westview, KY

    Westwood, KY

    Wheatcroft, KY

    Wheel Rim, KY

    Wheelwright Junction, KY

    Wheelwright, KY

    Whick, KY

    Whitco, KY

    White Mills Junction, KY

    White Mills, KY

    White Plains, KY

    White Tower, KY

    White Villa, KY

    Whitesburg, KY

    Whitesville, KY

    Whitley City, KY

    Whitner, KY

    Whittinghill, KY

    Whittle, KY

    Wickliffe, KY

    Wild Cat, KY

    Wilder, KY

    Wilder Park, KY

    Wilders, KY

    Wildie, KY

    Wildwood Hills, KY

    Wildwood, KY

    Willailla, KY

    Willard, KY

    Williamsburg, KY

    Williamsport, KY

    Williamstown, KY

    Williba, KY

    Willisburg, KY

    Willow Shade, KY

    Wilmore, KY

    Winchester, KY

    Wind Cave, KY

    Winding Falls, KY

    Windsor, KY

    Windy Hills, KY

    Wingo, KY

    Winston, KY

    Wiswell, KY

    Wittensville, KY

    Wofford, KY

    Wolf River Dock, KY

    Wolfpit, KY

    Wonnie, KY

    Woodbine, KY

    Woodburn, KY

    Woodbury, KY

    Woodland Hills, KY

    Woodlawn, KY

    Woodlawn-Oakdale, KY

    Woodlawn Park, KY

    Woodsbend, KY

    Woodsonville, KY

    Woollum, KY

    Wooton, KY

    Worthington Hills, KY

    Worthington, KY

    Worthville, KY

    Wrigley, KY

    Wurtland, KY

    Yaden, KY

    Yeaddiss, KY

    Yelvington, KY

    Yerkes, KY

    Yosemite, KY

    Zachariah, KY

    Zandale, KY

    Zilpo, KY

    Zoe, KY

    Zoneton, KY

All Counties in Kentucky

    Adair County, KY

    Allen County, KY

    Anderson County, KY

    Ballard County, KY

    Barren County, KY

    Bath County, KY

    Bell County, KY

    Boone County, KY

    Bourbon County, KY

    Boyd County, KY

    Boyle County, KY

    Bracken County, KY

    Breathitt County, KY

    Breckinridge County, KY

    Bullitt County, KY

    Butler County, KY

    Caldwell County, KY

    Calloway County, KY

    Campbell County, KY

    Carlisle County, KY

    Carroll County, KY

    Carter County, KY

    Casey County, KY

    Christian County, KY

    Clark County, KY

    Clay County, KY

    Clinton County, KY

    Crittenden County, KY

    Cumberland County, KY

    Daviess County, KY

    Edmonson County, KY

    Elliott County, KY

    Estill County, KY

    Fayette County, KY

    Fleming County, KY

    Floyd County, KY

    Franklin County, KY

    Fulton County, KY

    Gallatin County, KY

    Garrard County, KY

    Grant County, KY

    Graves County, KY

    Grayson County, KY

    Green County, KY

    Greenup County, KY

    Hancock County, KY

    Hardin County, KY

    Harlan County, KY

    Harrison County, KY

    Hart County, KY

    Henderson County, KY

    Henry County, KY

    Hickman County, KY

    Hopkins County, KY

    Jackson County, KY

    Jefferson County, KY

    Jessamine County, KY

    Johnson County, KY

    Kenton County, KY

    Knott County, KY

    Knox County, KY

    Larue County, KY

    Laurel County, KY

    Lawrence County, KY

    Lee County, KY

    Leslie County, KY

    Letcher County, KY

    Lewis County, KY

    Lincoln County, KY

    Livingston County, KY

    Logan County, KY

    Lyon County, KY

    Madison County, KY

    Magoffin County, KY

    Marion County, KY

    Marshall County, KY

    Martin County, KY

    Mason County, KY

    McCracken County, KY

    McCreary County, KY

    McLean County, KY

    Meade County, KY

    Menifee County, KY

    Mercer County, KY

    Metcalfe County, KY

    Monroe County, KY

    Montgomery County, KY

    Morgan County, KY

    Muhlenberg County, KY

    Nelson County, KY

    Nicholas County, KY

    Ohio County, KY

    Oldham County, KY

    Owen County, KY

    Owsley County, KY

    Pendleton County, KY

    Perry County, KY

    Pike County, KY

    Powell County, KY

    Pulaski County, KY

    Robertson County, KY

    Rockcastle County, KY

    Rowan County, KY

    Russell County, KY

    Scott County, KY

    Shelby County, KY

    Simpson County, KY

    Spencer County, KY

    Taylor County, KY

    Todd County, KY

    Trigg County, KY

    Trimble County, KY

    Union County, KY

    Warren County, KY

    Washington County, KY

    Wayne County, KY

    Webster County, KY

    Whitley County, KY

    Wolfe County, KY

    Woodford County, KY