Kansas 55+ Mature Driver Defensive Driving Class for the state of Kansas

  Kansas 55 Alive Mature Driver Course

  Seasoned Driver Training Program

  Driver Improvement Classes  Online Traffic School

This Online Course Pays for Itself...

According to mandated state laws, people age 55 and older who complete a state approved defensive driving course are eligible to receive a 10 percent, three-year discount on auto insurance.

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You will be eligible for the Mature Drivers Defensive Driving 55 Alive Course if you are 55 years of age or older!  Start saving as soon as you complete the course.  And the savings keep coming for the next three (3) years!!!

All residents aged 55 or older qualify for a discount of between 10-15% simply by taking this user-friendly online course. You could save thousands over the course of the discount!

It certainly pays for itself to take the course right away.  Check with your agent/company for more information regarding premium discounts. 

 Your Success is Guaranteed

With subject-specific chapters and unlimited quiz retakes, you are guaranteed to pass and receive your insurance discount. You never need to leave your home, you never have to sit for hours in a classroom, and you will save both time and money in the process.                                       

Sign up today and start your savings!!!!  You may take as long as needed to complete the course, or complete the course all at once if you prefer...

Kansas 55+ Mature Driver Program

  Defensive Driving Class for the state of KS.   


    Abbyville, KS

    Abilene, KS

    Admire, KS

    Agenda, KS

    Agra, KS

    Albert, KS

    Alden, KS

    Alexander, KS

    Allen, KS

    Alma, KS

    Almena, KS

    Alta Vista, KS

    Altamont, KS

    Alton, KS

    Altoona, KS

    Americus, KS

    Andale, KS

    Andover, KS

    Anthony, KS

    Arcadia, KS

    Argonia, KS

    Arkansas City, KS

    Arlington, KS

    Arma, KS

    Arnold, KS

    Ashland, KS

    Assaria, KS

    Atchison, KS

    Athol, KS

    Atlanta, KS

    Attica, KS

    Atwood, KS

    Auburn, KS

    Augusta, KS

    Aurora, KS

    Axtell, KS

    Baileyville, KS

    Baldwin City, KS

    Barnard, KS

    Barnes, KS

    Bartlett, KS

    Basehor, KS

    Baxter Springs, KS

    Bazine, KS

    Beattie, KS

    Beaumont, KS

    Beeler, KS

    Bel Aire, KS

    Belle Plaine, KS

    Belleville, KS

    Beloit, KS

    Belpre, KS

    Belvue, KS

    Bendena, KS

    Benedict, KS

    Bennington, KS

    Bentley, KS

    Benton, KS

    Bern, KS

    Berryton, KS

    Beverly, KS

    Bird City, KS

    Bison, KS

    Blue Mound, KS

    Blue Rapids, KS

    Bluff City, KS

    Bogue, KS

    Bonner Springs, KS

    Bremen, KS

    Brewster, KS

    Bronson, KS

    Brookville, KS

    Brownell, KS

    Bucklin, KS

    Bucyrus, KS

    Buffalo, KS

    Buhler, KS

    Bunker Hill, KS

    Burden, KS

    Burdett, KS

    Burdick, KS

    Burlingame, KS

    Burlington, KS

    Burns, KS

    Burr Oak, KS

    Burrton, KS

    Bushong, KS

    Bushton, KS

    Byers, KS

    Caldwell, KS

    Cambridge, KS

    Caney, KS

    Canton, KS

    Carbondale, KS

    Carlton, KS

    Cassoday, KS

    Catharine, KS

    Cawker City, KS

    Cedar, KS

    Cedar Point, KS

    Cedar Vale, KS

    Centerville, KS

    Centralia, KS

    Chanute, KS

    Chapman, KS

    Chase, KS

    Chautauqua, KS

    Cheney, KS

    Cherokee, KS

    Cherryvale, KS

    Chetopa, KS

    Cimarron, KS

    Circleville, KS

    Claflin, KS

    Clay Center, KS

    Clayton, KS

    Clearwater, KS

    Clifton, KS

    Clyde, KS

    Coats, KS

    Coffeyville, KS

    Colby, KS

    Coldwater, KS

    Collyer, KS

    Colony, KS

    Columbus, KS

    Colwich, KS

    Concordia, KS

    Conway Springs, KS

    Coolidge, KS

    Copeland, KS

    Corning, KS

    Cottonwood Falls, KS

    Council Grove, KS

    Countryside, KS

    Courtland, KS

    Crestline, KS

    Cuba, KS

    Cullison, KS

    Culver, KS

    Cummings, KS

    Cunningham, KS

    Damar, KS

    Danville, KS

    De Soto, KS

    Dearing, KS

    Deerfield, KS

    Delia, KS

    Delphos, KS

    Denison, KS

    Dennis, KS

    Denton, KS

    Derby, KS

    Dexter, KS

    Dighton, KS

    Dodge City, KS

    Dorrance, KS

    Douglass, KS

    Dover, KS

    Downs, KS

    Dresden, KS

    Dunlap, KS

    Durham, KS

    Dwight, KS

    Eastborough, KS

    Easton, KS

    Edgerton, KS

    Edmond, KS

    Edna, KS

    Edson, KS

    Edwardsville, KS

    Effingham, KS

    El Dorado, KS

    Elbing, KS

    Elgin, KS

    Elk City, KS

    Elk Falls, KS

    Elkhart, KS

    Ellinwood, KS

    Ellis, KS

    Ellsworth, KS

    Elmdale, KS

    Elsmore, KS

    Elwood, KS

    Emmett, KS

    Emporia, KS

    Englewood, KS

    Ensign, KS

    Enterprise, KS

    Erie, KS

    Esbon, KS

    Eskridge, KS

    Eudora, KS

    Eureka, KS

    Everest, KS

    Fairview, KS

    Fairway, KS

    Fall River, KS

    Falun, KS

    Farlington, KS

    Florence, KS

    Fontana, KS

    Ford, KS

    Formoso, KS

    Fort Riley, KS

    Fort Scott, KS

    Fowler, KS

    Frankfort, KS

    Franklin, KS

    Frederick, KS

    Fredonia, KS

    Freeport, KS

    Frontenac, KS

    Fulton, KS

    Galatia, KS

    Galena, KS

    Galesburg, KS

    Galva, KS

    Garden City, KS

    Garden Plain, KS

    Gardner, KS

    Garfield, KS

    Garland, KS

    Garnett, KS

    Gas, KS

    Gaylord, KS

    Gem, KS

    Geneseo, KS

    Geuda Springs, KS

    Girard, KS

    Glade, KS

    Glasco, KS

    Glen Elder, KS

    Goddard, KS

    Goessel, KS

    Goff, KS

    Goodland, KS

    Gorham, KS

    Gove City, KS

    Gove, KS

    Grainfield, KS

    Grandview Plaza, KS

    Grantville, KS

    Great Bend, KS

    Greeley, KS

    Green, KS

    Greenleaf, KS

    Greensburg, KS

    Greenwich, KS

    Grenola, KS

    Gridley, KS

    Grinnell, KS

    Gypsum, KS

    Haddam, KS

    Halstead, KS

    Hamilton, KS

    Hanover, KS

    Hanston, KS

    Hardtner, KS

    Harper, KS

    Harris, KS

    Hartford, KS

    Harveyville, KS

    Havana, KS

    Haven, KS

    Havensville, KS

    Haviland, KS

    Hays, KS

    Haysville, KS

    Hazelton, KS

    Healy, KS

    Hepler, KS

    Herington, KS

    Herndon, KS

    Hesston, KS

    Hiawatha, KS

    Highland, KS

    Hill City, KS

    Hillsboro, KS

    Hillsdale, KS

    Hoisington, KS

    Holcomb, KS

    Hollenberg, KS

    Holton, KS

    Holyrood, KS

    Home, KS

    Hope, KS

    Horace, KS

    Horton, KS

    Howard, KS

    Hoxie, KS

    Hoyt, KS

    Hudson, KS

    Hugoton, KS

    Humboldt, KS

    Hunter, KS

    Huron, KS

    Hutchinson, KS

    Independence, KS

    Ingalls, KS

    Inman, KS

    Iola, KS

    Isabel, KS

    Iuka, KS

    Jamestown, KS

    Jennings, KS

    Jetmore, KS

    Jewell, KS

    Johnson City, KS

    Johnson, KS

    Junction City, KS

    Kanopolis, KS

    Kanorado, KS

    Kansas City, KS

    Kechi, KS

    Kendall, KS

    Kensington, KS

    Kincaid, KS

    Kingman, KS

    Kinsley, KS

    Kiowa, KS

    Kirwin, KS

    Kismet, KS

    La Crosse, KS

    La Cygne, KS

    La Harpe, KS

    Labette, KS

    Lacygne, KS

    Lake City, KS

    Lake Quivira, KS

    Lakin, KS

    Lamont, KS

    Lancaster, KS

    Lane, KS

    Langdon, KS

    Lansing, KS

    Larned, KS

    Latham, KS

    Latimer, KS

    Lawrence, KS

    Le Roy, KS

    Leavenworth, KS

    Leawood, KS

    Lebanon, KS

    Lebo, KS

    Lecompton, KS

    Lehigh, KS

    Lenexa, KS

    Lenora, KS

    Leon, KS

    Leona, KS

    Leonardville, KS

    Leoti, KS

    Levant, KS

    Lewis, KS

    Liberal, KS

    Liberty, KS

    Liebenthal, KS

    Lincoln Center, KS

    Lincoln, KS

    Lincolnville, KS

    Lindsborg, KS

    Linn, KS

    Linn Valley, KS

    Linwood, KS

    Little River, KS

    Logan, KS

    Lone Elm, KS

    Long Island, KS

    Longford, KS

    Longton, KS

    Lorraine, KS

    Lost Springs, KS

    Louisburg, KS

    Louth, KS

    Lucas, KS

    Luray, KS

    Lyndon, KS

    Lyons, KS

    Macksville, KS

    Madison, KS

    Mahaska, KS

    Maize, KS

    Manchester, KS

    Manhattan, KS

    Mankato, KS

    Manter, KS

    Maple-City, KS

    Maple Hill, KS

    Mapleton, KS

    Marienthal, KS

    Marion, KS

    Marquette, KS

    Marysville, KS

    Matfield Green, KS

    Mayetta, KS

    Mayfield, KS

    McCracken, KS

    McCune, KS

    McDonald, KS

    McFarland, KS

    McLouth, KS

    McPherson, KS

    Meade, KS

    Medicine Lodge, KS

    Melvern, KS

    Menlo, KS

    Meriden, KS

    Merriam, KS

    Milan, KS

    Milford, KS

    Milton, KS

    Miltonvale, KS

    Minneapolis, KS

    Minneola, KS

    Mission Hills, KS

    Mission, KS

    Mission Woods, KS

    Moline, KS

    Montezuma, KS

    Monument, KS

    Moran, KS

    Morganville, KS

    Morland, KS

    Morrill, KS

    Morrowville, KS

    Moscow, KS

    Mound City, KS

    Mound Valley, KS

    Moundridge, KS

    Mount Hope, KS

    Mulberry, KS

    Mullinville, KS

    Mulvane, KS

    Munden, KS

    Murdock, KS

    Muscotah, KS

    Narka, KS

    Nashville, KS

    Natoma, KS

    Neal, KS

    Nekoma, KS

    Neodesha, KS

    Neosho Falls, KS

    Neosho Rapids, KS

    Ness City, KS

    Netawaka, KS

    New Albany, KS

    New Cambria, KS

    New Strawn, KS

    Newton, KS

    Nickerson, KS

    Niotaze, KS

    Norcatur, KS

    North Newton, KS

    Norton, KS

    Nortonville, KS

    Norway, KS

    Norwich, KS

    Oak Hill, KS

    Oakley, KS

    Oberlin, KS

    Offerle, KS

    Ogallah, KS

    Ogden, KS

    Oketo, KS

    Olathe, KS

    Olivet, KS

    Olmitz, KS

    Olpe, KS

    Olsburg, KS

    Onaga, KS

    Oneida, KS

    Opolis, KS

    Osage City, KS

    Osawatomie, KS

    Osborne, KS

    Oskaloosa, KS

    Oswego, KS

    Otis, KS

    Ottawa, KS

    Overbrook, KS

    Overland Park, KS

    Oxford, KS

    Ozawkie, KS

    Palco, KS

    Palmer, KS

    Paola, KS

    Paradise, KS

    Park City, KS

    Park, KS

    Parker, KS

    Parkerville, KS

    Parsons, KS

    Partridge, KS

    Pawnee Rock, KS

    Paxico, KS

    Peabody, KS

    Peck, KS

    Penalosa, KS

    Penokee, KS

    Perry, KS

    Peru, KS

    Pfeifer, KS

    Pherson, KS

    Phillipsburg, KS

    Piedmont, KS

    Pierceville, KS

    Piqua, KS

    Pittsburg, KS

    Plains, KS

    Plainville, KS

    Pleasanton, KS

    Plevna, KS

    Pomona, KS

    Portis, KS

    Potter, KS

    Potwin, KS

    Powhattan, KS

    Prairie View, KS

    Prairie Village, KS

    Pratt, KS

    Prescott, KS

    Preston, KS

    Pretty Prairie, KS

    Princeton, KS

    Protection, KS

    Quenemo, KS

    Quinter, KS

    Radium, KS

    Rago, KS

    Ramona, KS

    Randall, KS

    Randolph, KS

    Ransom, KS

    Rantoul, KS

    Raymond, KS

    Reading, KS

    Redfield, KS

    Republic, KS

    Reserve, KS

    Rexford, KS

    Richfield, KS

    Richmond, KS

    Riley, KS

    Riverton, KS

    Robinson, KS

    Rock, KS

    Roeland Park, KS

    Rolla, KS

    Rosalia, KS

    Rose Hill, KS

    Roseland, KS

    Rossville, KS

    Roxbury, KS

    Rozel, KS

    Rush Center, KS

    Russell, KS

    Russell Springs, KS

    Sabetha, KS

    Salina, KS

    Satanta, KS

    Savonburg, KS

    Sawyer, KS

    Scammon, KS

    Scandia, KS

    Schoenchen, KS

    Scott City, KS

    Scottsville, KS

    Scranton, KS

    Sedan, KS

    Sedgwick, KS

    Selden, KS

    Seneca, KS

    Severance, KS

    Severy, KS

    Seward, KS

    Sharon, KS

    Sharon Springs, KS

    Shawnee, KS

    Shawnee Mission, KS

    Silver Lake, KS

    Simpson, KS

    Smith Center, KS

    Smolan, KS

    Soldier, KS

    Solomon, KS

    South Haven, KS

    South Hutchinson, KS

    Spearville, KS

    Speed, KS

    Spivey, KS

    Spring Hill, KS

    St. Francis, KS

    St. George, KS

    St. John, KS

    St. Marys, KS

    St. Paul, KS

    Stafford, KS

    Stanley, KS

    Stark, KS

    Sterling, KS

    Stilwell, KS

    Stockton, KS

    Strong City, KS

    Sublette, KS

    Summerfield, KS

    Sun City, KS

    Sycamore, KS

    Sylvan Grove, KS

    Sylvia, KS

    Syracuse, KS

    Talmage, KS

    Tampa, KS

    Tecumseh, KS

    Tescott, KS

    Thayer, KS

    Timken, KS

    Tipton, KS

    Tonganoxie, KS

    Topeka, KS

    Toronto, KS

    Towanda, KS

    Treece, KS

    Tribune, KS

    Troy, KS

    Turon, KS

    Tyro, KS

    Udall, KS

    Ulysses, KS

    Uniontown, KS

    Utica, KS

    Valley Center, KS

    Valley Falls, KS

    Vassar, KS

    Vermillion, KS

    Victoria, KS

    Vining, KS

    Viola, KS

    Virgil, KS

    Wakarusa, KS

    WaKeeney, KS

    Wakefield, KS

    Waldo, KS

    Waldron, KS

    Walker, KS

    Wallace, KS

    Walnut, KS

    Walton, KS

    Wamego, KS

    Washington, KS

    Waterville, KS

    Wathena, KS

    Waverly, KS

    Webber, KS

    Weir, KS

    Welda, KS

    Wellington, KS

    Wellsville, KS

    Weskan, KS

    West Mineral, KS

    Westmoreland, KS

    Westphalia, KS

    Westwood Hills, KS

    Westwood, KS

    Wetmore, KS

    White City, KS

    White Cloud, KS

    Whitewater, KS

    Whiting, KS

    Wichita, KS

    Willard, KS

    Williamsburg, KS

    Willis, KS

    Wilmore, KS

    Wilsey, KS

    Wilson, KS

    Winchester, KS

    Windom, KS

    Winfield, KS

    Winona, KS

    Woodbine, KS

    Woodston, KS

    Wright, KS

    Yates Center, KS

    Yoder, KS

    Zenda, KS

    Zurich, KS

All Counties in Kansas

    Allen County, KS

    Anderson County, KS

    Atchison County, KS

    Barber County, KS

    Barton County, KS

    Bourbon County, KS

    Brown County, KS

    Butler County, KS

    Chase County, KS

    Chautauqua County, KS

    Cherokee County, KS

    Cheyenne County, KS

    Clark County, KS

    Clay County, KS

    Cloud County, KS

    Coffey County, KS

    Comanche County, KS

    Cowley County, KS

    Crawford County, KS

    Decatur County, KS

    Dickinson County, KS

    Doniphan County, KS

    Douglas County, KS

    Edwards County, KS

    Elk County, KS

    Ellis County, KS

    Ellsworth County, KS

    Finney County, KS

    Ford County, KS

    Franklin County, KS

    Geary County, KS

    Gove County, KS

    Graham County, KS

    Grant County, KS

    Gray County, KS

    Greeley County, KS

    Greenwood County, KS

    Hamilton County, KS

    Harper County, KS

    Harvey County, KS

    Haskell County, KS

    Hodgeman County, KS

    Jackson County, KS

    Jefferson County, KS

    Jewell County, KS

    Johnson County, KS

    Kearny County, KS

    Kingman County, KS

    Kiowa County, KS

    Labette County, KS

    Lane County, KS

    Leavenworth County, KS

    Lincoln County, KS

    Linn County, KS

    Logan County, KS

    Lyon County, KS

    Marion County, KS

    Marshall County, KS

    McPherson County, KS

    Meade County, KS

    Miami County, KS

    Mitchell County, KS

    Montgomery County, KS

    Morris County, KS

    Morton County, KS

    Nemaha County, KS

    Neosho County, KS

    Ness County, KS

    Norton County, KS

    Osage County, KS

    Osborne County, KS

    Ottawa County, KS

    Pawnee County, KS

    Phillips County, KS

    Pottawatomie County, KS

    Pratt County, KS

    Rawlins County, KS

    Reno County, KS

    Republic County, KS

    Rice County, KS

    Riley County, KS

    Rooks County, KS

    Rush County, KS

    Russell County, KS

    Saline County, KS

    Scott County, KS

    Sedgwick County, KS

    Seward County, KS

    Shawnee County, KS

    Sheridan County, KS

    Sherman County, KS

    Smith County, KS

    Stafford County, KS

    Stanton County, KS

    Stevens County, KS

    Sumner County, KS

    Thomas County, KS

    Trego County, KS

    Wabaunsee County, KS

    Wallace County, KS

    Washington County, KS

    Wichita County, KS

    Wilson County, KS

    Woodson County, KS

    Wyandotte County, KS