Oregon 55+ Mature Driver Program for the State of OR.

Oregon 55 Alive Mature Driver Course

  Seasoned Driver Training Program

  Driver Improvement Classes  Online Traffic School

This Short Course Pays for Itself...

According to mandated state laws, people age 55 and older who complete a state approved defensive driving course are eligible to receive a 10 percent, three-year discount on auto insurance.

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You will be eligible for the Mature Drivers Defensive Driving 55 Alive Course if you are 55 years of age or older!  Start saving as soon as you complete the course.  And the savings keep coming for the next three (3) years!!!

All residents aged 55 or older qualify for a discount of between 10-15% simply by taking this user-friendly online course. You could save thousands over the course of the discount!

It certainly pays for itself to take the course right away.  Check with your agent/company for more information regarding premium discounts. 

 Your Success is Guaranteed

With subject-specific chapters and unlimited quiz retakes, you are guaranteed to pass and receive your insurance discount. You never need to leave your home, you never have to sit for hours in a classroom, and you will save both time and money in the process.                                       

Sign up today and start your savings!!!!  You may take as long as needed to complete the course, or complete the course all at once if you prefer...

Oregon 55+ Mature Driver Program

  Defensive Driving Class for the state of OR.   


    Adair Village, OR

    Adams, OR

    Adel, OR

    Adrian, OR

    Agness, OR

    Albany, OR

    Allegany, OR

    Aloha, OR

    Alsea, OR

    Altamont, OR

    Alvadore, OR

    Amity, OR

    Antelope, OR

    Arch Cape, OR

    Arlington, OR

    Arock, OR

    Ashland, OR

    Ashwood, OR

    Astoria, OR

    Athena, OR

    Aumsville, OR

    Aurora, OR

    Azalea, OR

    Baker City, OR

    Bandon, OR

    Banks, OR

    Barlow, OR

    Barview, OR

    Bates, OR

    Bay City, OR

    Beatty, OR

    Beaver, OR

    Beavercreek, OR

    Beaverton, OR

    Cedar Mill (Beaverton, OR)

    West Slope (Beaverton, OR)

    Whitford (Beaverton, OR)

    Bend, OR

    Biggs Junction, OR

    Blachly, OR

    Blodgett, OR

    Blue River, OR

    Bly, OR

    Boardman, OR

    Bonanza, OR

    Boring, OR

    Bridal-Veil, OR

    Bridgeport, OR

    Brightwood, OR

    Broadbent, OR

    Brogan, OR

    Brookings, OR

    Brooks, OR

    Brothers, OR

    Brownsville, OR

    Bunker Hill, OR

    Burns, OR

    Butte Falls, OR

    Butteville, OR

    Buxton, OR

    Camas Valley, OR

    Camp Sherman, OR

    Canby, OR

    Cannon Beach, OR

    Canyon City, OR

    Canyonville, OR

    Cape Meares, OR

    Carlton, OR

    Cascade Locks, OR

    Cascadia, OR

    Cave Junction, OR

    Cayuse, OR

    Cedar Hills, OR

    Cedar Hills (Cedar Hills, OR)

    Cedar Mill, OR

    Cedar Mill (Cedar Mill, OR)

    Central Point, OR

    Chemult, OR

    Chenoweth, OR

    Cheshire, OR

    Chiloquin, OR

    Christmas Valley, OR

    The Dalles, OR

    Clackamas, OR

    Clatskanie, OR

    Cloverdale, OR

    Coburg, OR

    Colton, OR

    Columbia City, OR

    Condon, OR

    Coos Bay, OR

    Coquille, OR

    Corbett, OR

    Cornelius, OR

    Corvallis, OR

    Cottage Grove, OR

    Cove, OR

    Crabtree, OR

    Crane, OR

    Crawfordsville, OR

    Crescent, OR

    Creswell, OR

    Culp Creek, OR

    Culver, OR

    Curtin, OR

    Dairy, OR

    Dallas, OR

    Damascus, OR

    Days Creek, OR

    Dayton, OR

    Dayville, OR

    Deadwood, OR

    Deer Island, OR

    Depoe Bay, OR

    Deschutes River Woods, OR

    Detroit, OR

    Dexter, OR

    Diamond, OR

    Dillard, OR

    Donald, OR

    Dorena, OR

    Drain, OR

    Drewsey, OR

    Dufur, OR

    Dundee, OR

    Dunes City, OR

    Durham, OR

    Durkee, OR

    Eagle Creek, OR

    Eagle Point, OR

    Echo, OR

    Eddyville, OR

    Elgin, OR

    Elkton, OR

    Elmira, OR

    Enterprise, OR

    Eola, OR

    Estacada, OR

    Eugene, OR

    Fairview, OR

    Fall Creek, OR

    Falls City, OR

    Fields, OR

    Florence, OR

    Forest Grove, OR

    Fort Klamath, OR

    Fort-Rock, OR

    Fossil, OR

    Foster, OR

    Four Corners, OR

    Frenchglen, OR

    Gales Creek, OR

    Gardiner, OR

    Garibaldi, OR

    Gaston, OR

    Gates, OR

    Gearhart, OR

    Gervais, OR

    Gilchrist, OR

    Gladstone, OR

    Jennings Lodge (Gladstone, OR)

    Glendale, OR

    Gleneden Beach, OR

    Glide, OR

    Gold Beach, OR

    Gold Hill, OR

    Gopher Flats, OR

    Government Camp, OR

    Grand Ronde, OR

    Granite, OR

    Grants Pass, OR

    Grass Valley, OR

    Green, OR

    Greenhorn, OR

    Gresham, OR

    Base Line (Gresham, OR)

    Baseline (Gresham, OR)

    Rockwood (Gresham, OR)

    Haines, OR

    Halfway, OR

    Halsey, OR

    Hammond, OR

    Happy Valley, OR

    Harbor, OR

    Harper, OR

    Harrisburg, OR

    Hayesville, OR

    Hebo, OR

    Helix, OR

    Heppner, OR

    Hereford, OR

    Hermiston, OR

    Hillsboro, OR

    Hines, OR

    Hood River, OR

    Hubbard, OR

    Huntington, OR

    Idanha, OR

    Idleyld Park, OR

    Imbler, OR

    Imnaha, OR

    Independence, OR

    Ione, OR

    Ironside, OR

    Irrigon, OR

    Island City, OR

    Jacksonville, OR

    Jamieson, OR

    Jefferson, OR

    Jennings Lodge, OR

    Jennings Lodge (Jennings Lodge, OR)

    John Day, OR

    Johnson City, OR

    Jordan Valley, OR

    Joseph, OR

    Junction City, OR

    Juntura, OR

    Keizer, OR

    Keno, OR

    Kent, OR

    Kerby, OR

    Kimberly, OR

    King City, OR

    Klamath Falls, OR

    La Grande, OR

    La Pine, OR

    Lafayette, OR

    Lake Oswego, OR

    Lakeside, OR

    Lakeview, OR

    Langlois, OR

    Lebanon, OR

    Lexington, OR

    Lincoln Beach, OR

    Lincoln City, OR

    Logsden, OR

    Lonerock, OR

    Long Creek, OR

    Lorane, OR

    Lostine, OR

    Lowell, OR

    Lyons, OR

    Madras, OR

    Malin, OR

    Manning, OR

    Manzanita, OR

    Mapleton, OR

    Marcola, OR

    Marion, OR

    Marylhurst, OR

    Maupin, OR

    Maywood Park, OR

    McMinnville, OR

    Meacham, OR

    Medford, OR

    Mehama, OR

    Merlin, OR

    Merrill, OR

    Metolius, OR

    Metzger, OR

    Midland, OR

    Mikkalo, OR

    Mill City, OR

    Millersburg, OR

    Milton Freewater, OR

    Milwaukie, OR

    Minnville, OR

    Mission, OR

    Mitchell, OR

    Molalla, OR

    Monmouth, OR

    Monroe, OR

    Monument, OR

    Moro, OR

    Mosier, OR

    Mount Angel, OR

    Mount Hood Parkdale, OR

    Mount Hood Village, OR

    Mount Vernon, OR

    Mulino, OR

    Murphy, OR

    Myrtle Creek, OR

    Myrtle Point, OR

    Nehalem, OR

    Neotsu, OR

    Neskowin, OR

    Netarts, OR

    New-Pine-Creek, OR

    Newberg, OR

    Newport, OR

    North Bend, OR

    North Plains, OR

    North Powder, OR

    Noti, OR

    Nyssa, OR

    Oak Grove, OR

    Concord (Oak Grove, OR)

    Fair Oaks (Oak Grove, OR)

    Oak Hills, OR

    Oak Hills (Oak Hills, OR)

    Oakland, OR

    Oakridge, OR

    Oatfield, OR

    O'brien, OR

    Oceanside, OR

    Odell, OR

    Ontario, OR

    Ophir, OR

    Oregon City, OR

    Otis, OR

    Otter Rock, OR

    Oxbow, OR

    Pacific City, OR

    Paisley, OR

    Parkdale, OR

    Paulina, OR

    Pendleton, OR

    Philomath, OR

    Phoenix, OR

    Pilot Rock, OR

    Pine Grove, OR

    Pine Hollow, OR

    Pleasant Hill, OR

    Plush, OR

    Port Orford, OR

    Portland, OR

    Alameda (Portland, OR)

    Albina (Portland, OR)

    Arleta (Portland, OR)

    Bridgeton (Portland, OR)

    Brooklyn (Portland, OR)

    Burlingame (Portland, OR)

    Capitol Hill (Portland, OR)

    Downtown (Portland, OR)

    East Portland (Portland, OR)

    Eastmoreland (Portland, OR)

    Englewood (Portland, OR)

    Errol Heights (Portland, OR)

    Faloma (Portland, OR)

    Garden Home (Portland, OR)

    Gilbert (Portland, OR)

    Glencullen (Portland, OR)

    Hollywood (Portland, OR)

    Irvington (Portland, OR)

    jWest Portland Park (Portland, OR)

    Kenton (Portland, OR)

    Kings Heights (Portland, OR)

    Laurelhurst (Portland, OR)

    Lents (Portland, OR)

    Lents Junction (Portland, OR)

    Maplewood (Portland, OR)

    Maywood Park (Portland, OR)

    Montavilla (Portland, OR)

    Motavilla (Portland, OR)

    Multnomah (Portland, OR)

    Old Town (Portland, OR)

    Parkrose (Portland, OR)

    Piedmont (Portland, OR)

    Piedmonty (Portland, OR)

    Portland Heights (Portland, OR)

    Powellhurst (Portland, OR)

    Ramapo (Portland, OR)

    Rockwood (Portland, OR)

    Russellville (Portland, OR)

    Sellwood (Portland, OR)

    St. Johns (Portland, OR)

    St. Johns Junction (Portland, OR)

    Sycamore (Portland, OR)

    Sylvan (Portland, OR)

    University Park (Portland, OR)

    Vermont Hills (Portland, OR)

    Watson (Portland, OR)

    West Portland (Portland, OR)

    West Portland Park (Portland, OR)

    Westmoreland (Portland, OR)

    Willamette Heights (Portland, OR)

    Willbridge (Portland, OR)

    Woodstock (Portland, OR)

    Post, OR

    Powell Butte, OR

    Powers, OR

    Prairie City, OR

    Prescott, OR

    Princeton, OR

    Prineville, OR

    Prospect, OR

    Rainier, OR

    Raleigh Hills, OR

    Redmond, OR

    Redwood, OR

    Reedsport, OR

    Rhododendron, OR

    Richland, OR

    Rickreall, OR

    Riddle, OR

    Riley, OR

    Rivergrove, OR

    Riverside, OR

    Rockaway Beach, OR

    Rockcreek, OR

    Somerset West (Rockcreek, OR)

    Tanasbourne (Rockcreek, OR)

    Rogue River, OR

    Rose Lodge, OR

    Roseburg, OR

    Rufus, OR

    Salem, OR

    Sandy, OR

    Scappoose, OR

    Scio, OR

    Scotts Mills, OR

    Scottsburg, OR

    Seal Rock, OR

    Seaside, OR

    Selma, OR

    Seneca, OR

    Shady Cove, OR

    Shaniko, OR

    Shedd, OR

    Sheridan, OR

    Sherwood, OR

    Siletz, OR

    Silver Lake, OR

    Silverton, OR

    Sisters, OR

    Sixes, OR

    Sodaville, OR

    South Beach, OR

    South Lebanon, OR

    Sprague River, OR

    Spray, OR

    Springfield, OR

    St. Helens, OR

    St. Paul, OR

    Stanfield, OR

    Stayton, OR

    Sublimity, OR

    Summer-Lake, OR

    Summerville, OR

    Sumpter, OR

    Sunnyside, OR

    Sutherlin, OR

    Sweet Home, OR

    Swisshome, OR

    Talent, OR

    Tangent, OR

    Tenmile, OR

    Terrebonne, OR

    The Dalles, OR

    Three Rivers, OR

    Tidewater, OR

    Tigard, OR

    Greenburg (Tigard, OR)

    King City (Tigard, OR)

    Villa Ridge (Tigard, OR)

    Tillamook, OR

    Tiller, OR

    Timber, OR

    Toledo, OR

    Tolovana-Park, OR

    Trail, OR

    Tri-City, OR

    Troutdale, OR

    Tualatin, OR

    Turner, OR

    Tygh Valley, OR

    Ukiah, OR

    Umatilla, OR

    Umpqua, OR

    Union, OR

    Unity, OR

    Vale, OR

    Veneta, OR

    Vernonia, OR

    Vida, OR

    Waldport, OR

    Wallowa, OR

    Walterville, OR

    Walton, OR

    Wamic, OR

    Warm Springs, OR

    Warren, OR

    Warrenton, OR

    Wasco, OR

    Waterloo, OR

    Wedderburn, OR

    Welches, OR

    West Haven (West Haven-Sylvan, OR)

    West Haven Sylvan (West Haven-Sylvan, OR)

    West Linn, OR

    West Slope, OR

    West Slope (West Slope, OR)

    Westfall, OR

    Westfir, OR

    Westlake, OR

    Weston, OR

    Wheeler, OR

    White City, OR

    Wilbur, OR

    Wilderville, OR

    Willamina, OR

    Williams, OR

    Wilsonville, OR

    Winchester Bay, OR

    Winchester, OR

    Winston, OR

    Wolf Creek, OR

    Wood Village, OR

    Woodburn, OR

    Yachats, OR

    Yamhill, OR

    Yoncalla, OR

All Counties in Oregon

    Baker County, OR

    Benton County, OR

    Clackamas County, OR

    Clatsop County, OR

    Columbia County, OR

    Coos County, OR

    Crook County, OR

    Curry County, OR

    Deschutes County, OR

    Douglas County, OR

    Gilliam County, OR

    Grant County, OR

    Harney County, OR

    Hood River County, OR

    Jackson County, OR

    Jefferson County, OR

    Josephine County, OR

    Klamath County, OR

    Lake County, OR

    Lane County, OR

    Lincoln County, OR

    Linn County, OR

    Malheur County, OR

    Marion County, OR

    Morrow County, OR

    Multnomah County, OR

    Polk County, OR

    Sherman County, OR

    Tillamook County, OR

    Umatilla County, OR

    Union County, OR

    Wallowa County, OR

    Wasco County, OR

    Washington County, OR

    Wheeler County, OR

    Yamhill County, OR