Ohio 55+ Mature Defensive Driving Class for the state of OH.

Ohio 55 Alive Mature Driver Course

  Seasoned Driver Training Program

  Driver Improvement Classes  Online Traffic School

This Short Course Pays for Itself...

According to mandated state laws, people age 55 and older who complete a state approved defensive driving course are eligible to receive a 10 percent, three-year discount on auto insurance.

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You will be eligible for the Mature Drivers Defensive Driving Course if you are 55 years of age or older!  Start saving as soon as you complete the course.  And the savings keep coming for the next three (3) years!!!

All residents aged 55 or older qualify for a discount of between 10-15% simply by taking this user-friendly online course. You could save thousands over the course of the discount!

It certainly pays for itself to take the course right away.  Check with your agent/company for more information regarding premium discounts. 

 Your Success is Guaranteed

With subject-specific chapters and unlimited quiz retakes, you are guaranteed to pass and receive your insurance discount. You never need to leave your home, you never have to sit for hours in a classroom, and you will save both time and money in the process.                                       

Sign up today and start your savings!!!!  You may take as long as needed to complete the course, or complete the course all at once if you prefer...

Ohio 55+ Mature Driver Program

  Defensive Driving Class for the state of OH.   


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    Glenwillow, OH

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    Gnadenhutten, OH

    Golf Manor, OH

    Gomer, OH

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    Grafton, OH

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    Grand River, OH

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    Grandview, OH

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    Granville South, OH

    Gratiot, OH

    Gratis, OH

    Graysville, OH

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    Green, OH

    Green Springs, OH

    Greenfield, OH

    Greenford, OH

    Greenhills, OH

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    Grover Hill, OH

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    Hanoverton, OH

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    Harbor View, OH

    Harlem-Springs, OH

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    Highland Hills, OH

    Highland, OH

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    Hiram, OH

    Hockingport, OH

    Holgate, OH

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    Holiday Valley, OH

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    Hollansburg, OH

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    Homerville, OH

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    Hooven, OH

    Hopedale, OH

    Hopewell, OH

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    Howland Center, OH

    Hoytville, OH

    Hubbard, OH

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    Huber Ridge, OH

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    Huntsburg, OH

    Huntsville, OH

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    Irwin, OH

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    Isle St. George, OH

    Ithaca, OH

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    Kenton, OH

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    Killbuck, OH

    Kimbolton, OH

    Kings Mills, OH

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    Kingsville, OH

    Kinsman, OH

    Kipling, OH

    Kipton, OH

    Kirby, OH

    Kirkersville, OH

    Kirtland Hills, OH

    Kirtland, OH

    Kitts Hill, OH

    Kunkle, OH

    La Croft, OH

    La Rue, OH

    Lacarne, OH

    Lafayette, OH

    Lafferty, OH

    Lagrange, OH

    Laings, OH

    Lake Darby, OH

    Lake Milton, OH

    Lakeline, OH

    Lakemore, OH

    Lakeside Marblehead, OH

    Lakeview, OH

    Lakeville, OH

    Lakewood, OH

    Lancaster, OH

    Landen, OH

    Langsville, OH

    Lansing, OH

    Latham, OH

    Latty, OH

    Laura, OH

    Laurelville, OH

    Leavittsburg, OH

    Lebanon, OH

    Lees Creek, OH

    Leesburg, OH

    Leesville, OH

    Leetonia, OH

    Leipsic, OH

    Lemoyne, OH

    Lewis Center, OH

    Lewisburg, OH

    Lewistown, OH

    Lewisville, OH

    Lexington, OH

    Liberty Center, OH

    Liberty Township, OH

    Lima, OH

    Limaville, OH

    Lincoln Heights, OH

    Lincoln Village, OH

    Lindsey, OH

    Linndale, OH

    Lisbon, OH

    Litchfield, OH

    Lithopolis, OH

    Little Hocking, OH

    Lockbourne, OH

    Lockington, OH

    Lockland, OH

    Lodi, OH

    Logan Elm Village, OH

    Logan, OH

    London, OH

    Londonderry, OH

    Long Bottom, OH

    Lorain, OH

    Lordstown, OH

    Lore City, OH

    Loudonville, OH

    Louisville, OH

    Loveland, OH

    Loveland Park, OH

    Lowell, OH

    Lowellville, OH

    Lower Salem, OH

    Lucas, OH

    Lucasville, OH

    Luckey, OH

    Ludlow Falls, OH

    Lynchburg, OH

    Lyndhurst, OH

    Lynx, OH

    Lyons, OH

    Macedonia, OH

    Macksburg, OH

    Madeira, OH

    Madison, OH

    Magnetic Springs, OH

    Magnolia, OH

    Maineville, OH

    Malaga, OH

    Malinta, OH

    Malta, OH

    Malvern, OH

    Manchester, OH

    Mansfield, OH

    Mantua, OH

    Maple Heights, OH

    Maple Ridge, OH

    Maplewood, OH

    Maplewood Park, OH

    Marathon, OH

    Marble Cliff, OH

    Marblehead, OH

    Marengo, OH

    Maria Stein, OH

    Mariemont, OH

    Marietta, OH

    Marion, OH

    Mark Center, OH

    Marseilles, OH

    Marshallville, OH

    Martel, OH

    Martin, OH

    Martins Ferry, OH

    Martinsburg, OH

    Martinsville, OH

    Marysville, OH

    Mason, OH

    Massillon, OH

    Masury, OH

    Matamoras, OH

    Maumee, OH

    Maximo, OH

    Mayfield Heights, OH

    Mayfield, OH

    Maynard, OH

    McArthur, OH

    McClure, OH

    McComb, OH

    McConnelsville, OH

    McDonald, OH

    McGuffey, OH

    Mechanicsburg, OH

    Mechanicstown, OH

    Medina, OH

    Medway, OH

    Melmore, OH

    Melrose, OH

    Mendon, OH

    Mentor, OH

    Mentor-on-the-Lake, OH

    Mesopotamia, OH

    Metamora, OH

    Meyers Lake, OH

    Miamisburg, OH

    Miamitown, OH

    Miamiville, OH

    Middle Bass, OH

    Middle Point, OH

    Middlebranch, OH

    Middleburg Heights, OH

    Middleburg, OH

    Middlefield, OH

    Middleport, OH

    Middletown, OH

    Midland, OH

    Midvale, OH

    Midway, OH

    Mifflin, OH

    Milan, OH

    Milford Center, OH

    Milford, OH

    Millbury, OH

    Milledgeville, OH

    Miller City, OH

    Millersburg, OH

    Millersport, OH

    Millfield, OH

    Millville, OH

    Milton Center, OH

    Mineral City, OH

    Mineral Ridge, OH

    Minerva, OH

    Minerva Park, OH

    Minford, OH

    Mingo Junction, OH

    Mingo, OH

    Minster, OH

    Mogadore, OH

    Monclova, OH

    Monroe, OH

    Monroeville, OH

    Montezuma, OH

    Montgomery, OH

    Montpelier, OH

    Montville, OH

    Moraine, OH

    Moreland Hills, OH

    Morral, OH

    Morristown, OH

    Morrow, OH

    Moscow, OH

    Mount Blanchard, OH

    Mount Carmel, OH

    Mount Cory, OH

    Mount Eaton, OH

    Mount Gilead, OH

    Mount Healthy, OH

    Mount-Hope, OH

    Mount-Liberty, OH

    Mount Orab, OH

    Mount Perry, OH

    Mount Pleasant, OH

    Mount Repose, OH

    Mount-Saint-Joseph, OH

    Mount Sterling, OH

    Mount Vernon, OH

    Mount Victory, OH

    Mowrystown, OH

    Moxahala, OH

    Mulberry, OH

    Munroe Falls, OH

    Murray City, OH

    Mutual, OH

    Nankin, OH

    Napoleon, OH

    Nashport, OH

    Nashville, OH

    Navarre, OH

    Neapolis, OH

    Neffs, OH

    Negley, OH

    Nellie, OH

    Nelsonville, OH

    Nevada, OH

    Neville, OH

    New Albany, OH

    New Alexandria, OH

    New Athens, OH

    New Bavaria, OH

    New Bloomington, OH

    New Boston, OH

    New Bremen, OH

    New Carlisle, OH

    New Concord, OH

    New Franklin, OH

    New Hampshire, OH

    New Haven, OH

    New Holland, OH

    New Knoxville, OH

    New Lebanon, OH

    New Lexington, OH

    New London, OH

    New Madison, OH

    New Marshfield, OH

    New Matamoras, OH

    New Miami, OH

    New Middletown, OH

    New Paris, OH

    New Philadelphia, OH

    New Plymouth, OH

    New Richmond, OH

    New Riegel, OH

    New Rome, OH

    New-Rumley, OH

    New Springfield, OH

    New Straitsville, OH

    New Vienna, OH

    New Washington, OH

    New Waterford, OH

    New Weston, OH

    Newark, OH

    Newburgh Heights, OH

    Newbury, OH

    Newcomerstown, OH

    Newport, OH

    Newton Falls, OH

    Newtonsville, OH

    Newtown, OH

    Ney, OH

    Niles, OH

    North Baltimore, OH

    North Bend, OH

    North Benton, OH

    North Bloomfield, OH

    North Canton, OH

    North College Hill, OH

    North Fairfield, OH

    North Fork Village, OH

    North-Georgetown, OH

    North Hampton, OH

    North Jackson, OH

    North Kingsville, OH

    North Lawrence, OH

    North Lewisburg, OH

    North Lima, OH

    North Madison, OH

    North Olmsted, OH

    North Perry, OH

    North Randall, OH

    North Ridgeville, OH

    North Robinson, OH

    North Royalton, OH

    North Star, OH

    North Zanesville, OH

    Northbrook, OH

    Northfield, OH

    Northgate, OH

    Northridge, OH

    Northwood, OH

    Norton, OH

    Norwalk, OH

    Norwich, OH

    Norwood, OH

    Nova, OH

    Novelty, OH

    Oak Harbor, OH

    Oak Hill, OH

    Oakwood, OH

    Oakwood, OH

    Oakwood, OH

    Oberlin, OH

    Obetz, OH

    Oceola, OH

    Octa, OH

    Ohio City, OH

    Okeana, OH

    Okolona, OH

    Old Fort, OH

    Old Washington, OH

    Olde West Chester, OH

    Olmsted Falls, OH

    Ontario, OH

    Orange, OH

    Orangeville, OH

    Oregon, OH

    Oregonia, OH

    Orient, OH

    Orrville, OH

    Orwell, OH

    Osgood, OH

    Ostrander, OH

    Ottawa Hills, OH

    Ottawa, OH

    Ottoville, OH

    Otway, OH

    Overpeck, OH

    Owensville, OH

    Oxford, OH

    Painesville, OH

    Palestine, OH

    Pandora, OH

    Paris, OH

    Park Layne, OH

    Parkman, OH

    Parma Heights, OH

    Parma, OH

    Pataskala, OH

    Patriot, OH

    Patterson, OH

    Paulding, OH

    Payne, OH

    Pedro, OH

    Peebles, OH

    Pemberton, OH

    Pemberville, OH

    Peninsula, OH

    Pepper Pike, OH

    Perry Heights, OH

    Perry, OH

    Perrysburg, OH

    Perrysville, OH

    Petersburg, OH

    Pettisville, OH

    Phillipsburg, OH

    Philo, OH

    Pickerington, OH

    Piedmont, OH

    Pierpont, OH

    Pigeon Creek, OH

    Piketon, OH

    Piney-Fork, OH

    Pioneer, OH

    Piqua, OH

    Pitsburg, OH

    Plain City, OH

    Plainfield, OH

    Pleasant City, OH

    Pleasant Grove, OH

    Pleasant Hill, OH

    Pleasant Plain, OH

    Pleasant Run, OH

    Pleasantville, OH

    Plymouth, OH

    Poland, OH

    Polk, OH

    Pomeroy, OH

    Port Clinton, OH

    Port Jefferson, OH

    Port Washington, OH

    Port William, OH

    Portage Lakes, OH

    Portage, OH

    Portland, OH

    Portsmouth, OH

    Potsdam, OH

    Powell, OH

    Powhatan Point, OH

    Proctorville, OH

    Prospect, OH

    Put-in-Bay, OH

    Quaker City, OH

    Quincy, OH

    Racine, OH

    Radnor, OH

    Randolph, OH

    Rarden, OH

    Ravenna, OH

    Rawson, OH

    Ray, OH

    Rayland, OH

    Raymond, OH

    Reading, OH

    Reedsville, OH

    Reesville, OH

    Reminderville, OH

    Rendville, OH

    Reno, OH

    Republic, OH

    Reynoldsburg, OH

    Richfield, OH

    Richmond Dale, OH

    Richmond Heights, OH

    Richmond, OH

    Richwood, OH

    Ridgeville Corners, OH

    Ridgeway, OH

    Rio Grande, OH

    Ripley, OH

    Risingsun, OH

    Rittman, OH

    Riverlea, OH

    Riverside, OH

    Roaming Shores, OH

    Robertsville, OH

    Rochester, OH

    Rock-Camp, OH

    Rock Creek, OH

    Rockbridge, OH

    Rockford, OH

    Rocky Ridge, OH

    Rocky River, OH

    Rogers, OH

    Rome, OH

    Rome, OH

    Rootstown, OH

    Rosemount, OH

    Roseville, OH

    Rosewood, OH

    Ross, OH

    Rossburg, OH

    Rossford, OH

    Roswell, OH

    Roundhead, OH

    Rudolph, OH

    Rushsylvania, OH

    Rushville, OH

    Russells Point, OH

    Russellville, OH

    Russia, OH

    Rutland, OH

    Sabina, OH

    Salem, OH

    Salesville, OH

    Salineville, OH

    Sandusky, OH

    Sandyville, OH

    Sarahsville, OH

    Sardinia, OH

    Sardis, OH

    Savannah, OH

    Scio, OH

    Scioto-Furnace, OH

    Sciotodale, OH

    Scott, OH

    Scottown, OH

    Seaman, OH

    Sebring, OH

    Senecaville, OH

    Seven Hills, OH

    Seven Mile, OH

    Seville, OH

    Shade, OH

    Shadyside, OH

    Shaker Heights, OH

    Shandon, OH

    Sharon-Center, OH

    Sharonville, OH

    Shauck, OH

    Shawnee Hills, OH

    Shawnee, OH

    Sheffield Lake, OH

    Sheffield, OH

    Shelby, OH

    Sherrodsville, OH

    Sherwood, OH

    Shiloh, OH

    Shreve, OH

    Sidney, OH

    Silver Lake, OH

    Silverton, OH

    Sinking Spring, OH

    Smithfield, OH

    Smithville, OH

    Solon, OH

    Somerdale, OH

    Somerset, OH

    Somerville, OH

    South Amherst, OH

    South Bloomfield, OH

    South Bloomingville, OH

    South Canal, OH

    South Charleston, OH

    South Euclid, OH

    South Lebanon, OH

    South Middletown, OH

    South Point, OH

    South Russell, OH

    South Salem, OH

    South Solon, OH

    South Vienna, OH

    South Webster, OH

    South Zanesville, OH

    Southington, OH

    Sparta, OH

    Spencer, OH

    Spencerville, OH

    Spring Valley, OH

    Springboro, OH

    Springdale, OH

    Springfield, OH

    St. Bernard, OH

    St. Clairsville, OH

    St. Henry, OH

    St. Louisville, OH

    St. Marys, OH

    St. Paris, OH

    Stafford, OH

    Sterling, OH

    Steubenville, OH

    Stewart, OH

    Stillwater, OH

    Stockport, OH

    Stone Creek, OH

    Stony Ridge, OH

    Stout, OH

    Stoutsville, OH

    Stow, OH

    Strasburg, OH

    Stratton, OH

    Streetsboro, OH

    Strongsville, OH

    Struthers, OH

    Stryker, OH

    Sugar Bush Knolls, OH

    Sugar Grove, OH

    Sugarcreek, OH

    Sullivan, OH

    Sulphur Springs, OH

    Summerfield, OH

    Summerside, OH

    Summit-Station, OH

    Summitville, OH

    Sunbury, OH

    Swanton, OH

    Sycamore, OH

    Sycamore-Valley, OH

    Sylvania, OH

    Syracuse, OH

    Tallmadge, OH

    Tarlton, OH

    Terrace Park, OH

    The Plains, OH

    The Village of Indian Hill, OH

    Thompson, OH

    Thornville, OH

    Thurman, OH

    Thurston, OH

    Tiffin, OH

    Tiltonsville, OH

    Timberlake, OH

    Tipp City, OH

    Tippecanoe, OH

    Tiro, OH

    Toledo, OH

    Tontogany, OH

    Toronto, OH

    Tremont City, OH

    Trenton, OH

    Trimble, OH

    Trinway, OH

    Trotwood, OH

    Troy, OH

    Tuppers-Plains, OH

    Turpin Hills, OH

    Tuscarawas, OH

    Twinsburg, OH

    Uhrichsville, OH

    Union City, OH

    Union Furnace, OH

    Union, OH

    Uniontown, OH

    Unionville Center, OH

    Unionville, OH

    Uniopolis, OH

    University Heights, OH

    Upper Arlington, OH

    Upper Sandusky, OH

    Urbana, OH

    Urbancrest, OH

    Utica, OH

    Valley City, OH

    Valley Hi, OH

    Valley View, OH

    Valleyview, OH

    Van Buren, OH

    Van Wert, OH

    Vandalia, OH

    Vanlue, OH

    Vaughnsville, OH

    Venedocia, OH

    Vermilion, OH

    Verona, OH

    Versailles, OH

    Vickery, OH

    Vienna Center, OH

    Vienna, OH

    Vincent, OH

    Vinton, OH

    Wadsworth, OH

    Waite Hill, OH

    Wakefield, OH

    Wakeman, OH

    Walbridge, OH

    Waldo, OH

    Walhonding, OH

    Walnut-Creek, OH

    Walton Hills, OH

    Wapakoneta, OH

    Warnock, OH

    Warren, OH

    Warrensville Heights, OH

    Warsaw, OH

    Washington Court House, OH

    Washington, OH

    Washingtonville, OH

    Waterford, OH

    Waterloo, OH

    Watertown, OH

    Waterville, OH

    Wauseon, OH

    Waverly City, OH

    Waverly, OH

    Wayland, OH

    Wayne Lakes, OH

    Wayne, OH

    Waynesburg, OH

    Waynesfield, OH

    Waynesville, OH

    Wellington, OH

    Wellston, OH

    Wellsville, OH

    West Alexandria, OH

    West Carrollton City, OH

    West Carrollton, OH

    West Chester, OH

    West Elkton, OH

    West Farmington, OH

    West Hill, OH

    West Jefferson, OH

    West Lafayette, OH

    West Leipsic, OH

    West Liberty, OH

    West Manchester, OH

    West Mansfield, OH

    West Millgrove, OH

    West Milton, OH

    West-Point, OH

    West Portsmouth, OH

    West-Rushville, OH

    West Salem, OH

    West Union, OH

    West Unity, OH

    Westerville, OH

    Westfield Center, OH

    Westlake, OH

    Weston, OH

    Westville, OH

    Wetherington, OH

    Wharton, OH

    Wheelersburg, OH

    Whipple, OH

    White-Cottage, OH

    White Oak, OH

    White Oak West, OH

    Whitehall, OH

    Whitehouse, OH

    Wickliffe, OH

    Wilberforce, OH

    Wilkesville, OH

    Willard, OH

    Williamsburg, OH

    Williamsfield, OH

    Williamsport, OH

    Williamstown, OH

    Williston, OH

    Willoughby Hills, OH

    Willoughby, OH

    Willow Wood, OH

    Willowick, OH

    Willshire, OH

    Wilmington, OH

    Wilmot, OH

    Wilson, OH

    Winchester, OH

    Windham, OH

    Windsor, OH

    Winesburg, OH

    Wingett Run, OH

    Winona, OH

    Wintersville, OH

    Withamsville, OH

    Wolf-Run, OH

    Woodlawn, OH

    Woodmere, OH

    Woodsfield, OH

    Woodstock, OH

    Woodville, OH

    Wooster, OH

    Worthington, OH

    Wren, OH

    Wright-Patterson AFB, OH

    Wyoming, OH

    Xenia, OH

    Yankee Lake, OH

    Yellow Springs, OH

    Yorkshire, OH

    Yorkville, OH

    Youngstown, OH

    Zaleski, OH

    Zanesfield, OH

    Zanesville, OH

    Zoar, OH

All Counties in Ohio

    Adams County, OH

    Allen County, OH

    Ashland County, OH

    Ashtabula County, OH

    Athens County, OH

    Auglaize County, OH

    Belmont County, OH

    Brown County, OH

    Butler County, OH

    Carroll County, OH

    Champaign County, OH

    Clark County, OH

    Clermont County, OH

    Clinton County, OH

    Columbiana County, OH

    Coshocton County, OH

    Crawford County, OH

    Cuyahoga County, OH

    Darke County, OH

    Defiance County, OH

    Delaware County, OH

    Erie County, OH

    Fairfield County, OH

    Fayette County, OH

    Franklin County, OH

    Fulton County, OH

    Gallia County, OH

    Geauga County, OH

    Greene County, OH

    Guernsey County, OH

    Hamilton County, OH

    Hancock County, OH

    Hardin County, OH

    Harrison County, OH

    Henry County, OH

    Highland County, OH

    Hocking County, OH

    Holmes County, OH

    Huron County, OH

    Jackson County, OH

    Jefferson County, OH

    Knox County, OH

    Lake County, OH

    Lawrence County, OH

    Licking County, OH

    Logan County, OH

    Lorain County, OH

    Lucas County, OH

    Madison County, OH

    Mahoning County, OH

    Marion County, OH

    Medina County, OH

    Meigs County, OH

    Mercer County, OH

    Miami County, OH

    Monroe County, OH

    Montgomery County, OH

    Morgan County, OH

    Morrow County, OH

    Muskingum County, OH

    Noble County, OH

    Ottawa County, OH

    Paulding County, OH

    Perry County, OH

    Pickaway County, OH

    Pike County, OH

    Portage County, OH

    Preble County, OH

    Putnam County, OH

    Richland County, OH

    Ross County, OH

    Sandusky County, OH

    Scioto County, OH

    Seneca County, OH

    Shelby County, OH

    Stark County, OH

    Summit County, OH

    Trumbull County, OH

    Tuscarawas County, OH

    Union County, OH

    Van Wert County, OH

    Vinton County, OH

    Warren County, OH

    Washington County, OH

    Wayne County, OH

    Williams County, OH

    Wood County, OH

    Wyandot County, OH