Mississippi 55 Alive Seasoned Driver Training Program

Mississippi 55 Alive Mature Driver Course

  Seasoned Driver Training Program

  Driver Improvement Classes  Online Traffic School

This Online Course Pays for Itself...

According to mandated state laws, people age 55 and older who complete a state approved defensive driving course are eligible to receive a 10 percent, three-year discount on auto insurance.

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You will be eligible for the Mature Drivers Defensive Driving 55 Alive Course if you are 55 years of age or older!  Start saving as soon as you complete the course.  And the savings keep coming for the next three (3) years!!!

All residents aged 55 or older qualify for a discount of between 10-15% simply by taking this user-friendly online course. You could save thousands over the course of the discount!

It certainly pays for itself to take the course right away.  Check with your agent/company for more information regarding premium discounts. 

 Your Success is Guaranteed

With subject-specific chapters and unlimited quiz retakes, you are guaranteed to pass and receive your insurance discount. You never need to leave your home, you never have to sit for hours in a classroom, and you will save both time and money in the process.                                       

Sign up today and start your savings!!!!  You may take as long as needed to complete the course, or complete the course all at once if you prefer...

Mississippi 55+ Mature Driver Program

  Defensive Driving Class for the state of MS.   


    Abbeville, MS

    Aberdeen, MS

    Abney, MS

    Academy Park, MS

    Ackerman, MS

    Adaton, MS

    Addie, MS

    Alamucha, MS

    Aldens, MS

    Algoma, MS

    Alligator, MS

    Alphaba, MS

    Amory, MS

    Anguilla, MS

    Aponaug, MS

    Arcola, MS

    Arkabutla, MS

    Arnold Line, MS

    Artesia, MS

    Ashland, MS

    Askew, MS

    Audubon Point, MS

    Auris, MS

    Avent, MS

    Avon, MS

    Bailey, MS

    Baldwyn, MS

    Baltzer, MS

    Banner, MS

    Barron Point, MS

    Barrontown, MS

    Basic, MS

    Bassfield, MS

    Bates Park, MS

    Batesville, MS

    Baxterville, MS

    Bay St. Louis, MS

    Bay Springs, MS

    Bay St. Louis, MS

    Bayside Park, MS

    Beatline, MS

    Beaumont, MS

    Beauregard, MS

    Becker, MS

    Belden, MS

    Bellefontaine, MS

    Belmont, MS

    Belzoni, MS

    Benela, MS

    Benndale, MS

    Benoit, MS

    Bent Tree Plantation, MS

    Benton, MS

    Bentonia, MS

    Bett, MS

    Beulah, MS

    Big Black, MS

    Big Creek, MS

    Big Point, MS

    Bigbee, MS

    Bigbee Valley, MS

    Biggersville, MS

    Billups, MS

    Biloxi, MS

    Blue Mountain, MS

    Blue Springs, MS

    Boggan, MS

    Bogue Chitto, MS

    Boice, MS

    Bolton, MS

    Booneville, MS

    Bounds, MS

    Bowdre, MS

    Boyle, MS

    Brandon, MS

    Braxton, MS

    Breland, MS

    Brittany Woods, MS

    Brookhaven, MS

    Brookleigh, MS

    Brooklyn, MS

    Brooksville, MS

    Bruce Junction, MS

    Bruce, MS

    Bruinsburg, MS

    Buckatunna, MS

    Bude, MS

    Buena Vista Lakes, MS

    Bunkley, MS

    Burnsville, MS

    Busy Corner, MS

    Buttahatchie, MS

    Byhalia, MS

    Byram, MS

    Byrd Heights, MS

    Bywy, MS

    Cadaretta, MS

    Cady Hills, MS

    Caledonia, MS

    Calhoun City, MS

    Camden, MS

    Canton, MS

    Capell, MS

    Carmack, MS

    Carnes, MS

    Carriere, MS

    Carrollton, MS

    Carson, MS

    Carthage, MS

    Carto, MS

    Cary, MS

    Cascilla, MS

    Castlewoods, MS

    Centreville, MS

    Chalk Bluff, MS

    Champion Hill, MS

    Charleston, MS

    Chatawa, MS

    Chateau Le Blanc, MS

    Chatham, MS

    Chunky, MS

    Clack, MS

    Clara, MS

    Clarksdale, MS

    Clayton Village, MS

    Clear Branch, MS

    Clearman, MS

    Cleary Heights, MS

    Cleo, MS

    Clermont Harbor, MS

    Cleveland, MS

    Clinton, MS

    Coahoma, MS

    Cockrum, MS

    Coffeeville, MS

    Coila, MS

    Coldwater, MS

    Collins, MS

    Collinsville, MS

    Columbia, MS

    Columbia Springs, MS

    Columbus AFB, MS

    Columbus, MS

    Comb, MS

    Como, MS

    Complete, MS

    Compromise, MS

    Conehatta, MS

    Conerly, MS

    Confederate Park, MS

    Cool, MS

    Corinth, MS

    Corrine, MS

    Country Club Subdivision, MS

    Country Oak Estates, MS

    Country Side Estates, MS

    Courtland, MS

    Crane Creek, MS

    Crawford, MS

    Crenshaw, MS

    Crosby, MS

    Crowder, MS

    Cruger, MS

    Crumtown, MS

    Crystal Springs, MS

    Cub Lake, MS

    Culkin, MS

    Cybur, MS

    Cypress Corner, MS

    D Lo, MS

    Daleville, MS

    Dantzler, MS

    Darling, MS

    Days, MS

    De Kalb, MS

    De Lisle, MS

    De Soto Village, MS

    Decatur, MS

    Dedeaux, MS

    Deemer, MS

    Delay, MS

    Delta-City, MS

    Dennis, MS

    Derma, MS

    Diamondhead, MS

    D'Iberville, MS

    Dixie Pine, MS

    D'Lo, MS

    Dockery, MS

    Doddsville, MS

    Dogwood Landing, MS

    Dogwood Place, MS

    Doloroso, MS

    Dragon, MS

    Drew, MS

    Dubard, MS

    Dubbs, MS

    Dublin, MS

    Duck Hill, MS

    Dumas, MS

    Duncan, MS

    Dundee, MS

    Dunleith, MS

    Durant, MS

    East Aberdeen, MS

    East Lakewood, MS

    East Lincoln, MS

    East Macedonia, MS

    East Manor Estates, MS

    East Moss Point, MS

    East Pascagoula, MS

    Eastabuchie, MS

    Eastwood Place, MS

    Ecru, MS

    Eddiceton, MS

    Eden, MS

    Edwards, MS

    Ellard, MS

    Ellis Cliffs, MS

    Ellisville, MS

    Elton Place, MS

    Embry, MS

    Emmanuel, MS

    Endville, MS

    Enid, MS

    Enterprise, MS

    Escatawpa, MS

    Ethel, MS

    Etta, MS

    Eucutta, MS

    Eupora, MS

    Expose, MS

    Fair Oak Springs, MS

    Fair River, MS

    Fairfield Commons, MS

    Falcon, MS

    Falkner, MS

    Fame, MS

    Farmhaven, MS

    Farmington, MS

    Farrell, MS

    Fayette, MS

    Fernwood, MS

    Flora, MS

    Florence, MS

    Flowood, MS

    Flynt, MS

    Forest, MS

    Forest Park Estates, MS

    Forest Point, MS

    Fort Bayou Estates, MS

    Fort Bayou, MS

    Fortenberry, MS

    Forty, MS

    Fountainebleau, MS

    Foxworth, MS

    Francis, MS

    Free Springs, MS

    Freeny, MS

    French Camp, MS

    Friars Point, MS

    Frog Island, MS

    Fulton, MS

    Gallman, MS

    Garlandville, MS

    Gateway North, MS

    Gattman, MS

    Gautier, MS

    Georgetown, MS

    Gholson, MS

    Gillsburg, MS

    Gitano, MS

    Glen Allan, MS

    Glen, MS

    Glendora, MS

    Gloster, MS

    Golden, MS

    Goodman, MS

    Gore Springs, MS

    Goshen Springs, MS

    Grace, MS

    Grand Gulf, MS

    Greenville, MS

    Greenwood, MS

    Greenwood Springs, MS

    Grenada, MS

    Gulf Hills, MS

    Gulf Park Estates, MS

    Gulfport, MS

    Gunnison, MS

    Guntown, MS

    Hamilton, MS

    Handsboro, MS

    Harmontown, MS

    Harperville, MS

    Harriston, MS

    Harrisville, MS

    Hatchette, MS

    Hathorn, MS

    Hatley, MS

    Hattiesburg, MS

    Haven Acres, MS

    Hawkes, MS

    Hazlehurst, MS

    Heatherwood Estates, MS

    Heidelberg, MS

    Helena, MS

    Henderson Point, MS

    Henleyfield, MS

    Henry, MS

    Herbert Springs, MS

    Hermanville, MS

    Hernando, MS

    Hesterville, MS

    Hickory Flat, MS

    Hickory Hills, MS

    Hickory, MS

    Hills Chapel, MS

    Hillsboro, MS

    Hintonville, MS

    Holcomb, MS

    Hollandale, MS

    Holly Bluff, MS

    Holly Rood, MS

    Holly Springs, MS

    Homochitto, MS

    Honey Island, MS

    Hope Springs, MS

    Hopson, MS

    Horn Lake, MS

    Houlka, MS

    Houston, MS

    Hurley, MS

    Improve, MS

    Increase, MS

    Independence, MS

    Indianola, MS

    Industrial, MS

    Ingrams Mill, MS

    Inverness, MS

    Isenberg, MS

    Isola, MS

    Itta Bena, MS

    Iuka, MS

    Jackson Landing, MS

    Jackson, MS

    Jago, MS

    Janice, MS

    Jayess, MS

    Jaynesville, MS

    Johns, MS

    Jonathan, MS

    Jonestown, MS

    Jumpertown, MS

    Juniper Grove, MS

    Kearney Park, MS

    Kensington Woods, MS

    Keownville, MS

    Kienstra, MS

    Kilmichael, MS

    Kiln, MS

    Kimball Lake, MS

    Kirkwood Park, MS

    Knights Acres, MS

    Kokomo, MS

    Kosciusko, MS

    Kossuth, MS

    Kreole, MS

    Lain, MS

    Lake Cormorant, MS

    Lake, MS

    Lake Piomingo, MS

    Lake Serene North, MS

    Lake Washington, MS

    Lakeover, MS

    Lakeshore, MS

    Lamar, MS

    Lamar Park, MS

    Lambert, MS

    Lar-Eli-Do, MS

    Latimer, MS

    Lauderdale, MS

    Laurel, MS

    Lawrence, MS

    Leakesville, MS

    Learned, MS

    Leavell woods, MS

    Lehrton, MS

    Leland, MS

    Lena, MS

    Lespedeza, MS

    Lexie, MS

    Lexington, MS

    Liberty, MS

    Lightsey, MS

    Linsey, MS

    Little Rock, MS

    Little Sunflower, MS

    Little Yazoo, MS

    Lizana, MS

    Lobutcha, MS

    Locke Station, MS

    Long Beach, MS

    Longino, MS

    Lorman, MS

    Lost Gap, MS

    Louin, MS

    Louise, MS

    Louisville, MS

    Love, MS

    Loyd Star, MS

    Lucedale, MS

    Ludlow, MS

    Lula, MS

    Lumberton, MS

    Lurand, MS

    Lyman, MS

    Lynchburg, MS

    Lyon, MS

    Maben, MS

    Macon, MS

    Madden, MS

    Madison, MS

    Magee, MS

    Magnolia, MS

    Magnolia Terrace, MS

    Mahned, MS

    Mannsdale, MS

    Mantachie, MS

    Mantee, MS

    Marietta, MS

    Marion, MS

    Marks, MS

    Martin Bluff, MS

    Mashulaville, MS

    Mathena, MS

    Mathiston, MS

    Maybank, MS

    Mayersville, MS

    Mayhew, MS

    McAdams, MS

    McCall Creek, MS

    McCall Landing, MS

    McCarley, MS

    McCluney, MS

    McComb, MS

    McCondy, MS

    McCool, MS

    McCrary, MS

    McElveen, MS

    McLain, MS

    McLaurin Heights, MS

    McLaurin, MS

    McNeill, MS

    McRaney, MS

    McRaven, MS

    McSwain, MS

    Meadville, MS

    Melco Subdivision, MS

    Memphis, MS

    Mendenhall, MS

    Meridian, MS

    Meridian Station, MS

    Merigold, MS

    Metcalfe, MS

    Michigan City, MS

    Midnight, MS

    Mileston, MS

    Minter City, MS

    Mississippi City, MS

    Mississippi State, MS

    Mixon, MS

    Mize, MS

    Money, MS

    Monticello, MS

    Montpelier, MS

    Montrose, MS

    Moon Lake, MS

    Mooreville, MS

    Moorhead, MS

    Morgan City, MS

    Morning Star, MS

    Morton, MS

    Moselle, MS

    Moss, MS

    Moss Point, MS

    Mound Bayou, MS

    Mount Olive, MS

    Mount Pleasant, MS

    Mountain Creek, MS

    Myles, MS

    Myrick, MS

    Myrtle Hall, MS

    Myrtle, MS

    Nanih Waiya, MS

    Natchez, MS

    Natchez Under the Hill, MS

    Necaise, MS

    Neely, MS

    Neill, MS

    Nesbit, MS

    Nettleton, MS

    New Albany, MS

    New Augusta, MS

    New Byram, MS

    New Fellowship, MS

    New Hebron, MS

    New Hope, MS

    New Hope Park, MS

    New Houlka, MS

    New Site, MS

    Newhebron, MS

    Newton, MS

    Nicholson, MS

    Nile, MS

    North Biloxi, MS

    North Carrollton, MS

    North Colony, MS

    North Gulfport, MS

    North Tunica, MS

    Northaven Woods, MS

    Northwest Hills, MS

    Northwood Drive, MS

    Noxapater, MS

    Oak Forrest, MS

    Oak Grove Park, MS

    Oak Vale, MS

    Oakdale Park, MS

    Oakland, MS

    Oakridge Estates, MS

    Obadiah, MS

    Ocean Springs, MS

    Okahola, MS

    Okolona, MS

    Oktoc, MS

    Olive Branch, MS

    Oloh, MS

    Osborne Creek, MS

    Osyka, MS

    Ovett, MS

    Oxford, MS

    Pace, MS

    Pachuta, MS

    Palmers Crossing, MS

    Panther-Burn, MS

    Parchman, MS

    Paris, MS

    Pascagoula, MS

    Pass Christian Isles, MS

    Pass Christian, MS

    Pat, MS

    Pattison, MS

    Patton Place, MS

    Paulding, MS

    Paulette, MS

    Pearl, MS

    Pearl River, MS

    Pearlington, MS

    Pelahatchie, MS

    Pendorff, MS

    Perkinston, MS

    Petal, MS

    Pheba, MS

    Philadelphia, MS

    Philipp, MS

    Picayune, MS

    Pickens, MS

    Pilgrim Grove, MS

    Pine Land, MS

    Pinebur, MS

    Piney-Woods, MS

    Pinola, MS

    Pistol Ridge, MS

    Pittsboro, MS

    Plantation Homes, MS

    Plantersville, MS

    Polkville, MS

    Pontotoc, MS

    Pope, MS

    Poplarville, MS

    Port Gibson, MS

    Porters Chapel, MS

    Porterville, MS

    Possumneck, MS

    Poticaw Landing, MS

    Potts Camp, MS

    Prairie, MS

    Prairie Point, MS

    Prentiss, MS

    Presidential Hills, MS

    Preston, MS

    Progress, MS

    Puckett, MS

    Pulaski, MS

    Pullen, MS

    Purvis, MS

    Queens Hill, MS

    Queens Lane, MS

    Queensburg, MS

    Quinlivan, MS

    Quitman, MS

    Quiver, MS

    Raintree Place, MS

    Raleigh, MS

    Randall Place, MS

    Randolph, MS

    Rawls Springs, MS

    Raymond, MS

    Red Banks, MS

    Red Lick, MS

    Redwater, MS

    Redwood, MS

    Refuge, MS

    Regency Estates, MS

    Rena Lara, MS

    Renfroe, MS

    Renova, MS

    Revive, MS

    Richland, MS

    Richton, MS

    Ridgeland, MS

    Rienzi, MS

    Ripley, MS

    Roanoke Estates, MS

    Robinson Gin, MS

    Robinsonville, MS

    Rodgers, MS

    Rolling Fork, MS

    Rome, MS

    Rose Hill, MS

    Rosedale, MS

    Rosella, MS

    Roses Bluff, MS

    Roundaway, MS

    Roxie, MS

    Rucks, MS

    Ruleville, MS

    Runnelstown, MS

    Rushing, MS

    Ruth, MS

    Sabougla, MS

    Sallis, MS

    Saltillo, MS

    Sanatorium, MS

    Sandersville, MS

    Sandhill, MS

    Sandy Bayou, MS

    Sandy Creek Subdivision, MS

    Sandy Hook, MS

    Sapa, MS

    Sarah, MS

    Sardis, MS

    Satartia, MS

    Saucier, MS

    Sauer, MS

    Savannah Grove, MS

    Schamberville, MS

    Schlater, MS

    Scobey, MS

    Scooba, MS

    Scott, MS

    Sebastopol, MS

    Seminary, MS

    Senatobia, MS

    Service, MS

    Sessums, MS

    Shannon, MS

    Sharon, MS

    Shaw, MS

    Shelby, MS

    Sherard, MS

    Sherman, MS

    Shoccoe, MS

    Shongelo, MS

    Shoreline Park, MS

    Shrock, MS

    Shubuta, MS

    Shuqualak, MS

    Sibley, MS

    Sidon, MS

    Silver City, MS

    Silver Creek Acres, MS

    Silver Creek, MS

    Silver Run, MS

    Simonds, MS

    Simrall, MS

    Six Towns, MS

    Skuna, MS

    Skyway Hills, MS

    Slate Spring, MS

    Slate Springs, MS

    Sledge, MS

    Smithdale, MS

    Smithville, MS

    Snow Lake Shores, MS

    Sontag, MS

    Soso, MS

    South Pascagoula, MS

    Southaven, MS

    Speedtown, MS

    Spinks, MS

    Spraggins, MS

    St. Martin, MS

    Stallo, MS

    Star, MS

    Starkville, MS

    State Line, MS

    Steens, MS

    Stewart, MS

    Stoneville, MS

    Stonewall, MS

    Strayhorn, MS

    Strengthford, MS

    Stringer, MS

    Stronghope, MS

    Sturgis, MS

    Summit, MS

    Sumner, MS

    Sumrall, MS

    Sunflower, MS

    Sunkist, MS

    Suqualena, MS

    Swan-Lake, MS

    Swiftown, MS

    Sylvarena, MS

    Synagogue, MS

    Talowah, MS

    Tawanta, MS

    Taylor, MS

    Taylorsville, MS

    Tchula, MS

    Teoc, MS

    Terrapin Hill, MS

    Terrells, MS

    Terry, MS

    Thaxton, MS

    The Breakers, MS

    The Briars, MS

    The Cascades, MS

    The Commons, MS

    The Dell, MS

    The Islands, MS

    The Meadows of Trailwood, MS

    Thomastown, MS

    Thweatt, MS

    Tibbee, MS

    Tie-Plant, MS

    Tillatoba, MS

    Tinnin, MS

    Tinsley, MS

    Tiplersville, MS

    Tippo, MS

    Tishomingo, MS

    Toccopola, MS

    Tocowa, MS

    Tollison, MS

    Toomsuba, MS

    Touchstone, MS

    Tougaloo, MS

    Traceland North, MS

    Trebloc, MS

    Tremont, MS

    Tucker, MS

    Tuckers Crossing, MS

    Tunica, MS

    Tupelo, MS

    Tutwiler, MS

    Twin Harbor, MS

    Tylertown, MS

    Union Church, MS

    Union, MS

    University, MS

    Updike, MS

    Utica, MS

    Vaiden, MS

    Valena, MS

    Valley-Park, MS

    Value, MS

    Van-Vleet, MS

    Van Winkle, MS

    Vance, MS

    Vancleave, MS

    Vardaman, MS

    Vasser, MS

    Vaughan, MS

    Verona, MS

    Vestry, MS

    Vicksburg, MS

    Victoria, MS

    Vimville, MS

    Vossburg, MS

    Vowell, MS

    Wade, MS

    Wahalak, MS

    Waites, MS

    Waldrup, MS

    Walkiah, MS

    Wallace Creek, MS

    Wallerville, MS

    Wallhill, MS

    Walls, MS

    Walnut Grove, MS

    Walnut, MS

    Walthall, MS

    Warren Place, MS

    Washington, MS

    Water Valley, MS

    Waterford, MS

    Waters Landing, MS

    Watson Center, MS

    Waveland, MS

    Waynesboro, MS

    Wayside, MS

    Weathersby, MS

    Webb, MS

    Weir, MS

    Wenasoga, MS

    Wesson, MS

    West Enterprise, MS

    West Gulfport, MS

    West Hattiesburg, MS

    West Leesburg, MS

    West, MS

    West Point, MS

    West Poplarville, MS

    West Port, MS

    Westland Heights, MS

    Wheeler, MS

    White Cap, MS

    White Sand, MS

    Whites Crossing, MS

    Whitesand, MS

    Whitfield, MS

    Wiggins, MS

    Wilemon, MS

    Willowood, MS

    Winborn, MS

    Winona, MS

    Winstonville, MS

    Winterville, MS

    Wolfe Creek, MS

    Woodland, MS

    Woodville Heights, MS

    Woodville, MS

    Wyatte, MS

    Yazoo City, MS

    Yocona, MS

    Yokena, MS

    Zemuly, MS

    Zion Hill, MS

    Zumbro, MS

All Counties in Mississippi

    Adams County, MS

    Alcorn County, MS

    Amite County, MS

    Attala County, MS

    Benton County, MS

    Bolivar County, MS

    Calhoun County, MS

    Carroll County, MS

    Chickasaw County, MS

    Choctaw County, MS

    Claiborne County, MS

    Clarke County, MS

    Clay County, MS

    Coahoma County, MS

    Copiah County, MS

    Covington County, MS

    Desoto County, MS

    Forrest County, MS

    Franklin County, MS

    George County, MS

    Greene County, MS

    Grenada County, MS

    Hancock County, MS

    Harrison County, MS

    Hinds County, MS

    Holmes County, MS

    Humphreys County, MS

    Issaquena County, MS

    Itawamba County, MS

    Jackson County, MS

    Jasper County, MS

    Jefferson Davis County, MS

    Jefferson County, MS

    Jones County, MS

    Kemper County, MS

    Lafayette County, MS

    Lamar County, MS

    Lauderdale County, MS

    Lawrence County, MS

    Leake County, MS

    Lee County, MS

    Leflore County, MS

    Lincoln County, MS

    Lowndes County, MS

    Madison County, MS

    Marion County, MS

    Marshall County, MS

    Monroe County, MS

    Montgomery County, MS

    Neshoba County, MS

    Newton County, MS

    Noxubee County, MS

    Oktibbeha County, MS

    Panola County, MS

    Pearl River County, MS

    Perry County, MS

    Pike County, MS

    Pontotoc County, MS

    Prentiss County, MS

    Quitman County, MS

    Rankin County, MS

    Scott County, MS

    Sharkey County, MS

    Simpson County, MS

    Smith County, MS

    Stone County, MS

    Sunflower County, MS

    Tallahatchie County, MS

    Tate County, MS

    Tippah County, MS

    Tishomingo County, MS

    Tunica County, MS

    Union County, MS

    Walthall County, MS

    Warren County, MS

    Washington County, MS

    Wayne County, MS

    Webster County, MS

    Wilkinson County, MS

    Winston County, MS

    Yalobusha County, MS

    Yazoo County, MS