Maine 55+ Mature Driver Program Defensive Driving Class for the state of ME.

Maine 55 Alive Mature Driver Course

  Seasoned Driver Training Program

  Driver Improvement Classes  Online Traffic School

This Online Course Pays for Itself...

According to mandated state laws, people age 55 and older who complete a state approved defensive driving course are eligible to receive a 10 percent, three-year discount on auto insurance.

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You will be eligible for the Mature Drivers Defensive Driving 55 Alive Course if you are 55 years of age or older!  Start saving as soon as you complete the course.  And the savings keep coming for the next three (3) years!!!

All residents aged 55 or older qualify for a discount of between 10-15% simply by taking this user-friendly online course. You could save thousands over the course of the discount!

It certainly pays for itself to take the course right away.  Check with your agent/company for more information regarding premium discounts. 

 Your Success is Guaranteed

With subject-specific chapters and unlimited quiz retakes, you are guaranteed to pass and receive your insurance discount. You never need to leave your home, you never have to sit for hours in a classroom, and you will save both time and money in the process.                                       

Sign up today and start your savings!!!!  You may take as long as needed to complete the course, or complete the course all at once if you prefer...

Maine 55+ Mature Driver Program

  Defensive Driving Class for the state of ME.   


    Abbot, ME

    Acton, ME

    Addison, ME

    Albion, ME

    Alfred, ME

    Alna, ME

    Andover, ME

    Anson, ME

    Ashland, ME

    Athens, ME

    Auburn, ME

    Augusta, ME

    Aurora, ME

    Bailey Island, ME

    Baileyville, ME

    Bangor, ME

    Bar Harbor, ME

    Bar Mills, ME

    Bass-Harbor, ME

    Bath, ME

    Beals, ME

    Belfast, ME

    Belgrade-Lakes, ME

    Belgrade, ME

    Benedicta, ME

    Bernard, ME

    Berwick, ME

    Bethel, ME

    Biddeford, ME

    Biddeford-Pool, ME

    Bingham, ME

    Birch-Harbor, ME

    Blaine, ME

    Blue Hill, ME

    Boothbay Harbor, ME

    Boothbay, ME

    Bowdoin, ME

    Bowdoinham, ME

    Bradford, ME

    Bradley, ME

    Bremen, ME

    Brewer, ME

    Bridgewater, ME

    Bridgton, ME

    Bristol, ME

    Brooklin, ME

    Brooks, ME

    Brooksville, ME

    Brookton, ME

    Brownfield, ME

    Brownville Junction, ME

    Brownville, ME

    Brunswick, ME

    Bryant Pond, ME

    Buckfield, ME

    Bucksport, ME

    Burlington, ME

    Burnham, ME

    Bustins-Island, ME

    Buxton, ME

    Calais, ME

    Cambridge, ME

    Camden, ME

    Canaan, ME

    Canton, ME

    Cape Elizabeth, ME

    Cape Neddick, ME

    Cape-Porpoise, ME

    Caratunk, ME

    Caribou, ME

    Carmel, ME

    Casco, ME

    Castine, ME

    Center Lovell, ME

    Chamberlain, ME

    Charleston, ME

    Chebeague Island, ME

    Cherryfield, ME

    China Village, ME

    Chisholm, ME

    Clayton-Lake, ME

    Cliff-Island, ME

    Clinton, ME

    Columbia-Falls, ME

    Coopers Mills, ME

    Corea, ME

    Corinna, ME

    Corinth, ME

    Cornish, ME

    Costigan, ME

    Cranberry-Isles, ME

    Crouseville, ME

    Cumberland Center, ME

    Cumberland Foreside, ME

    Cushing, ME

    Cutler, ME

    Damariscotta, ME

    Damariscotta-Newcastle, ME

    Danforth, ME

    Danville, ME

    Deer-Isle, ME

    Denmark, ME

    Dennysville, ME

    Detroit, ME

    Dexter, ME

    Dixfield, ME

    Dixmont, ME

    Dover-Foxcroft, ME

    Dresden, ME

    Dryden, ME

    Durham, ME

    Eagle-Lake, ME

    East Andover, ME

    East Baldwin, ME

    East-Blue-Hill, ME

    East Boothbay, ME

    East-Dixfield, ME

    East-Livermore, ME

    East-Machias, ME

    East Millinocket, ME

    East-Newport, ME

    East Orland, ME

    East-Parsonsfield, ME

    East-Poland, ME

    East-Vassalboro, ME

    East Waterboro, ME

    East Wilton, ME

    East-Winthrop, ME

    Easton, ME

    Eastport, ME

    Eddington, ME

    Edgecomb, ME

    Eliot, ME

    Ellsworth, ME

    Etna, ME

    Eustis, ME

    Exeter, ME

    Fairfield, ME

    Falmouth Foreside, ME

    Falmouth, ME

    Farmingdale, ME

    Farmington-Falls, ME

    Farmington, ME

    Fort Fairfield, ME

    Fort Kent, ME

    Fort-Kent-Mills, ME

    Frankfort, ME

    Franklin, ME

    Freedom, ME

    Freeport, ME

    Frenchboro, ME

    Frenchville, ME

    Friendship, ME

    Fryeburg, ME

    Gardiner, ME

    Garland, ME

    Georgetown, ME

    Glen-Cove, ME

    Gorham, ME

    Gouldsboro, ME

    Grand Isle, ME

    Grand-Lake-Stream, ME

    Gray, ME

    Greenbush, ME

    Greene, ME

    Greenville-Junction, ME

    Greenville, ME

    Greenwood, ME

    Guilford, ME

    Hallowell, ME

    Hampden, ME

    Hancock, ME

    Hanover, ME

    Harborside, ME

    Harmony, ME

    Harpswell, ME

    Harrington, ME

    Harrison, ME

    Hartland, ME

    Hebron, ME

    Hinckley, ME

    Hiram, ME

    Holden, ME

    Hollis Center, ME

    Hope, ME

    Houlton, ME

    Howland, ME

    Hudson, ME

    Hulls-Cove, ME

    Island Falls, ME

    Isle-Au-Haut, ME

    Islesboro, ME

    Islesford, ME

    Jackman, ME

    Jay, ME

    Jefferson, ME

    Jonesboro, ME

    Jonesport, ME

    Kenduskeag, ME

    Kennebunk, ME

    Kennebunkport, ME

    Kents-Hill, ME

    Kingfield, ME

    Kingman, ME

    Kittery, ME

    Kittery Point, ME

    Lagrange, ME

    Lake Arrowhead, ME

    Lambert-Lake, ME

    Lebanon, ME

    Lee, ME

    Leeds, ME

    Levant, ME

    Lewiston, ME

    Liberty, ME

    Limerick, ME

    Limestone, ME

    Limington, ME

    Lincoln, ME

    Lincolnville-Center, ME

    Lincolnville, ME

    Lisbon Falls, ME

    Lisbon, ME

    Litchfield, ME

    Little-Deer-Isle, ME

    Little Falls-South Windham, ME

    Livermore Falls, ME

    Livermore, ME

    Long Island, ME

    Loring AFB, ME

    Lovell, ME

    Lubec, ME

    Machias, ME

    Machiasport, ME

    Madawaska, ME

    Madison, ME

    Manchester, ME

    Mapleton, ME

    Mars Hill-Blaine, ME

    Mars Hill, ME

    Matinicus, ME

    Mattawamkeag, ME

    Mechanic Falls, ME

    Meddybemps, ME

    Medway, ME

    Mexico, ME

    Milbridge, ME

    Milford, ME

    Millinocket, ME

    Milo, ME

    Minot, ME

    Monhegan, ME

    Monmouth, ME

    Monroe, ME

    Monson, ME

    Monticello, ME

    Moody, ME

    Morrill, ME

    Mount Desert, ME

    Mount Vernon, ME

    Naples, ME

    New Gloucester, ME

    New Harbor, ME

    New Limerick, ME

    New Portland, ME

    New Sharon, ME

    New Sweden, ME

    New Vineyard, ME

    Newcastle, ME

    Newfield, ME

    Newport, ME

    Newry, ME

    Nobleboro, ME

    Norridgewock, ME

    North Anson, ME

    North Berwick, ME

    North-Bridgton, ME

    North Haven, ME

    North-Jay, ME

    North Monmouth, ME

    North-Turner, ME

    North Vassalboro, ME

    North Waterboro, ME

    North Waterford, ME

    North Windham, ME

    North Yarmouth, ME

    Northeast Harbor, ME

    Norway, ME

    Oakfield, ME

    Oakland, ME

    Ocean-Park, ME

    Ogunquit, ME

    Olamon, ME

    Old Orchard Beach, ME

    Old Town, ME

    Oquossoc, ME

    Orient, ME

    Orland, ME

    Orono, ME

    Orrington, ME

    Orrs Island, ME

    Owls Head, ME

    Oxbow, ME

    Oxford, ME

    Palermo, ME

    Palmyra, ME

    Paris, ME

    Parsonsfield, ME

    Passadumkeag, ME

    Patten, ME

    Peaks-Island, ME

    Pemaquid, ME

    Pembroke, ME

    Penobscot, ME

    Perham, ME

    Perry, ME

    Peru, ME

    Phillips, ME

    Phippsburg, ME

    Pittsfield, ME

    Plymouth, ME

    Poland, ME

    Port-Clyde, ME

    Portage, ME

    Porter, ME

    Portland, ME

    Pownal, ME

    Presque Isle, ME

    Princeton, ME

    Prospect-Harbor, ME

    Randolph, ME

    Rangeley, ME

    Raymond, ME

    Readfield, ME

    Richmond, ME

    Robbinston, ME

    Rockland, ME

    Rockport, ME

    Rockwood, ME

    Round Pond, ME

    Roxbury, ME

    Rumford, ME

    Sabattus, ME

    Saco, ME

    Salsbury-Cove, ME

    Sandy-Point, ME

    Sanford, ME

    Sangerville, ME

    Sargentville, ME

    Scarborough, ME

    Seal-Cove, ME

    Seal Harbor, ME

    Searsmont, ME

    Searsport, ME

    Sebago Lake, ME

    Sebago, ME

    Sebasco Estates, ME

    Sebec, ME

    Sedgwick, ME

    Shapleigh, ME

    Shawmut, ME

    Sheridan, ME

    Sherman, ME

    Shirley Mills, ME

    Sinclair, ME

    Skowhegan, ME

    Smithfield, ME

    Smyrna-Mills, ME

    Solon, ME

    Sorrento, ME

    South Berwick, ME

    South Bristol, ME

    South Casco, ME

    South-China, ME

    South Eliot, ME

    South Freeport, ME

    South-Gardiner, ME

    South Paris, ME

    South Portland, ME

    South Sanford, ME

    South Thomaston, ME

    South-Windham, ME

    Southport, ME

    Southwest Harbor, ME

    Springfield, ME

    Springvale, ME

    Spruce Head, ME

    St. Agatha, ME

    St. Albans, ME

    Stacyville, ME

    Standish, ME

    Steep Falls, ME

    Stetson, ME

    Steuben, ME

    Stillwater, ME

    Stockholm, ME

    Stockton-Springs, ME

    Stoneham, ME

    Stonington, ME

    Stratton, ME

    Strong, ME

    Sullivan, ME

    Sumner, ME

    Sunset, ME

    Surry, ME

    Swans Island, ME

    Temple, ME

    Tenants Harbor, ME

    Thomaston, ME

    Thorndike, ME

    Topsfield, ME

    Topsham, ME

    Trevett, ME

    Troy, ME

    Turner, ME

    Union, ME

    Unity, ME

    Van Buren, ME

    Vanceboro, ME

    Vassalboro, ME

    Vienna, ME

    Vinalhaven, ME

    Waite, ME

    Waldoboro, ME

    Wallagrass, ME

    Walpole, ME

    Warren, ME

    Washburn, ME

    Washington, ME

    Waterboro, ME

    Waterford, ME

    Waterville, ME

    Wayne, ME

    Weld, ME

    Wells, ME

    Wesley, ME

    West-Baldwin, ME

    West Bethel, ME

    West Boothbay Harbor, ME

    West-Enfield, ME

    West-Farmington, ME

    West-Forks, ME

    West Kennebunk, ME

    West-Minot, ME

    West Newfield, ME

    West Paris, ME

    West Poland, ME

    West Rockport, ME

    Westbrook, ME

    Westfield, ME

    Whitefield, ME

    Whiting, ME

    Wilton, ME

    Windham, ME

    Windsor, ME

    Winn, ME

    Winslow, ME

    Winter Harbor, ME

    Winterport, ME

    Winthrop, ME

    Wiscasset, ME

    Woodland, ME

    Woolwich, ME

    Wytopitlock, ME

    Yarmouth, ME

    York-Beach, ME

    York Harbor, ME

    York, ME

All Counties in Maine

    Androscoggin County, ME

    Aroostook County, ME

    Cumberland County, ME

    Franklin County, ME

    Hancock County, ME

    Kennebec County, ME

    Knox County, ME

    Lincoln County, ME

    Oxford County, ME

    Penobscot County, ME

    Piscataquis County, ME

    Sagadahoc County, ME

    Somerset County, ME

    Waldo County, ME

    Washington County, ME

    York County, ME