Indiana 55 Alive Mature Driver Online Traffic School

Indiana 55 Alive Mature Driver Course

  Seasoned Driver Training Program

  Driver Improvement Classes  Online Traffic School

This Online Course Pays for Itself...

According to mandated state laws, people age 55 and older who complete a state approved defensive driving course are eligible to receive a 10 percent, three-year discount on auto insurance.

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You will be eligible for the Mature Drivers Defensive Driving Course if you are 55 years of age or older!  Start saving as soon as you complete the course.  And the savings keep coming for the next three (3) years!!!

All residents aged 55 or older qualify for a discount of between 10-15% simply by taking this user-friendly online course. You could save thousands over the course of the discount!

It certainly pays for itself to take the course right away.  Check with your agent/company for more information regarding premium discounts. 

 Your Success is Guaranteed

With subject-specific chapters and unlimited quiz retakes, you are guaranteed to pass and receive your insurance discount. You never need to leave your home, you never have to sit for hours in a classroom, and you will save both time and money in the process.                                       

Sign up today and start your savings!!!!  You may take as long as needed to complete the course, or complete the course all at once if you prefer...

Indiana 55+ Mature Driver Program

  Defensive Driving Class for the state of IN.   


    Advance, IN

    Akron, IN

    Alamo, IN

    Albany, IN

    Albion, IN

    Alexandria, IN

    Alfordsville, IN

    Alton, IN

    Altona, IN

    Ambia, IN

    Amboy, IN

    Amo, IN

    Anderson, IN

    Andrews, IN

    Angola, IN

    Arcadia, IN

    Arcola, IN

    Argos, IN

    Arlington, IN

    Ashley, IN

    Athens, IN

    Atlanta, IN

    Attica, IN

    Atwood, IN

    Auburn, IN

    Aurora, IN

    Austin, IN

    Avilla, IN

    Avoca, IN

    Avon, IN

    Bainbridge, IN

    Bargersville, IN

    Bass Lake, IN

    Batesville, IN

    Bath, IN

    Battle Ground, IN

    Bedford, IN

    Beech Grove, IN

    Bellmore, IN

    Bennington, IN

    Bentonville, IN

    Berne, IN

    Bethany, IN

    Bethlehem, IN

    Beverly Shores, IN

    Bicknell, IN

    Bippus, IN

    Birdseye, IN

    Blanford, IN

    Bloomfield, IN

    Bloomingdale, IN

    Bloomington, IN

    Blountsville, IN

    Bluffton, IN

    Boggstown, IN

    Boone-Grove, IN

    Boonville, IN

    Borden, IN

    Boston, IN

    Boswell, IN

    Bourbon, IN

    Bowling Green, IN

    Bradford, IN

    Branchville, IN

    Brazil, IN

    Bremen, IN

    Bridgeton, IN

    Bright, IN

    Bringhurst, IN

    Bristol, IN

    Bristow, IN

    Brook, IN

    Brooklyn, IN

    Brooksburg, IN

    Brookston, IN

    Brookville, IN

    Brownsburg, IN

    Brownstown, IN

    Brownsville, IN

    Bruceville, IN

    Bryant, IN

    Buck Creek, IN

    Buckskin, IN

    Buffalo, IN

    Bunker Hill, IN

    Burket, IN

    Burlington, IN

    Burnettsville, IN

    Burns Harbor, IN

    Burrows, IN

    Butler, IN

    Butlerville, IN

    Cadiz, IN

    Cambridge City, IN

    Camby, IN

    Camden, IN

    Campbellsburg, IN

    Canaan, IN

    Cannelburg, IN

    Cannelton, IN

    Carbon, IN

    Carlisle, IN

    Carmel, IN

    Carthage, IN

    Cayuga, IN

    Cedar Grove, IN

    Cedar Lake, IN

    Celestine, IN

    Center Point, IN

    Centerpoint, IN

    Centerville, IN

    Central, IN

    Chalmers, IN

    Chandler, IN

    Charlestown, IN

    Charlottesville, IN

    Chesterfield, IN

    Chesterton, IN

    Chrisney, IN

    Churubusco, IN

    Cicero, IN

    Clarks Hill, IN

    Clarksburg, IN

    Clarksville, IN

    Clay City, IN

    Claypool, IN

    Clayton, IN

    Clear-Creek, IN

    Clear Lake, IN

    Clermont, IN

    Clifford, IN

    Clinton, IN

    Cloverdale, IN

    Coal City, IN

    Coalmont, IN

    Coatesville, IN

    Colfax, IN

    Collegeville, IN

    Columbia City, IN

    Columbus, IN

    Commiskey, IN

    Connersville, IN

    Converse, IN

    Cortland, IN

    Corunna, IN

    Cory, IN

    Corydon, IN

    Covington, IN

    Craigville, IN

    Crandall, IN

    Crane, IN

    Crawfordsville, IN

    Cromwell, IN

    Cross Plains, IN

    Crothersville, IN

    Crown Point, IN

    Culver, IN

    Cumberland, IN

    Cutler, IN

    Cynthiana, IN

    Dale, IN

    Daleville, IN

    Dana, IN

    Danville, IN

    Darlington, IN

    Darmstadt, IN

    Dayton, IN

    De Motte, IN

    Decatur, IN

    Decker, IN

    Deedsville, IN

    Delong, IN

    Delphi, IN

    Demotte, IN

    Denver, IN

    Depauw, IN

    Deputy, IN

    Derby, IN

    Dillsboro, IN

    Donaldson, IN

    Dublin, IN

    Dubois, IN

    Dugger, IN

    Dune Acres, IN

    Dunkirk, IN

    Dunlap, IN

    Dunreith, IN

    Dupont, IN

    Dyer, IN

    Earl Park, IN

    East Chicago, IN

    East-Enterprise, IN

    East Germantown, IN

    Eaton, IN

    Eckerty, IN

    Economy, IN

    Edgewood, IN

    Edinburgh, IN

    Edwardsport, IN

    Elberfeld, IN

    Elizabeth, IN

    Elizabethtown, IN

    Elkhart, IN

    Ellettsville, IN

    Elnora, IN

    Elwood, IN

    Eminence, IN

    English, IN

    Etna Green, IN

    Evanston, IN

    Evansville, IN

    Fair Oaks, IN

    Fairbanks, IN

    Fairland, IN

    Fairmount, IN

    Fairview Park, IN

    Falmouth, IN

    Farmersburg, IN

    Farmland, IN

    Ferdinand, IN

    Fillmore, IN

    Fishers, IN

    Flat Rock, IN

    Flora, IN

    Florence, IN

    Floyds Knobs, IN

    Folsomville, IN

    Fontanet, IN

    Forest, IN

    Fort Branch, IN

    Fort-Ritner, IN

    Fort Wayne, IN

    Fortville, IN

    Fountain City, IN

    Fountaintown, IN

    Fowler, IN

    Fowlerton, IN

    Francesville, IN

    Francisco, IN

    Frankfort, IN

    Franklin, IN

    Frankton, IN

    Fredericksburg, IN

    Freedom, IN

    Freelandville, IN

    Freetown, IN

    Fremont, IN

    French Lick, IN

    Friendship, IN

    Fulton, IN

    Galena, IN

    Galveston, IN

    Garrett, IN

    Gary, IN

    Gas City, IN

    Gaston, IN

    Geneva, IN

    Gentryville, IN

    Georgetown, IN

    Glenwood, IN

    Goldsmith, IN

    Goodland, IN

    Goshen, IN

    Gosport, IN

    Grabill, IN

    Grammer, IN

    Grandview, IN

    Granger, IN

    Grantsburg, IN

    Graysville, IN

    Greencastle, IN

    Greendale, IN

    Greenfield, IN

    Greens Fork, IN

    Greensboro, IN

    Greensburg, IN

    Greentown, IN

    Greenville, IN

    Greenwood, IN

    Griffin, IN

    Griffith, IN

    Grissom AFB, IN

    Grovertown, IN

    Guilford, IN

    Gwynneville, IN

    Hagerstown, IN

    Hamilton, IN

    Hamlet, IN

    Hammond, IN

    Hanna, IN

    Hanover, IN

    Hardinsburg, IN

    Harlan, IN

    Harmony, IN

    Harrodsburg, IN

    Hartford City, IN

    Hartsville, IN

    Hatfield, IN

    Haubstadt, IN

    Hayden, IN

    Hazleton, IN

    Hebron, IN

    Helmsburg, IN

    Heltonville, IN

    Hemlock, IN

    Henryville, IN

    Hidden Valley, IN

    Highland, IN

    Hillsboro, IN

    Hillsdale, IN

    Hoagland, IN

    Hobart, IN

    Hobbs, IN

    Holland, IN

    Holton, IN

    Homecroft, IN

    Homer, IN

    Hope, IN

    Howe, IN

    Hudson, IN

    Huntertown, IN

    Huntingburg, IN

    Huntington, IN

    Huron, IN

    Hymera, IN

    Idaville, IN

    Indian Heights, IN

    Indian Village, IN

    Indianapolis, IN

    Ingalls, IN

    Inglefield, IN

    Ireland, IN

    Jamestown, IN

    Jasonville, IN

    Jasper, IN

    Jeffersonville, IN

    Jonesboro, IN

    Jonesville, IN

    Judson, IN

    Kempton, IN

    Kendallville, IN

    Kennard, IN

    Kentland, IN

    Kewanna, IN

    Keystone, IN

    Kimmell, IN

    Kingman, IN

    Kingsbury, IN

    Kingsford Heights, IN

    Kirklin, IN

    Knightstown, IN

    Knightsville, IN

    Knox, IN

    Kokomo, IN

    Koleen, IN

    Koontz Lake, IN

    Kouts, IN

    Kurtz, IN

    La Crosse, IN

    La Fontaine, IN

    La Paz, IN

    La Porte, IN

    Laconia, IN

    Ladoga, IN

    Lafayette, IN

    Lagrange, IN

    Lagro, IN

    Lake-Cicott, IN

    Lake Dalecarlia, IN

    Lake Station, IN

    Lake Village, IN

    Lakes of the Four Seasons, IN

    Laketon, IN

    Lakeville, IN

    Lamar, IN

    Lanesville, IN

    Laotto, IN

    Lapaz, IN

    Lapel, IN

    Larwill, IN

    Laurel, IN

    Lawrence, IN

    Lawrenceburg, IN

    Leavenworth, IN

    Lebanon, IN

    Leesburg, IN

    Leiters-Ford, IN

    Leo-Cedarville, IN

    Leo, IN

    Leopold, IN

    Leroy, IN

    Lewis, IN

    Lewisville, IN

    Lexington, IN

    Liberty Center, IN

    Liberty, IN

    Liberty Mills, IN

    Ligonier, IN

    Lincoln City, IN

    Linden, IN

    Linn-Grove, IN

    Linton, IN

    Little York, IN

    Livonia, IN

    Lizton, IN

    Logansport, IN

    Long Beach, IN

    Loogootee, IN

    Losantville, IN

    Lowell, IN

    Lucerne, IN

    Lynn, IN

    Lynnville, IN

    Lyons, IN

    Mackey, IN

    Macy, IN

    Madison, IN

    Manilla, IN

    Marengo, IN

    Mariah-Hill, IN

    Marion, IN

    Markle, IN

    Markleville, IN

    Marshall, IN

    Martinsville, IN

    Marysville, IN

    Matthews, IN

    Mauckport, IN

    Maxwell, IN

    Mays, IN

    McCordsville, IN

    Mecca, IN

    Medaryville, IN

    Medora, IN

    Mellott, IN

    Memphis, IN

    Mentone, IN

    Meridian Hills, IN

    Merom, IN

    Merrillville, IN

    Metamora, IN

    Mexico, IN

    Miami, IN

    Michiana Shores, IN

    Michigan City, IN

    Michigantown, IN

    Middlebury, IN

    Middletown, IN

    Midland, IN

    Milan, IN

    Milford, IN

    Milford, IN

    Mill Creek, IN

    Millersburg, IN

    Millhousen, IN

    Milltown, IN

    Milroy, IN

    Milton, IN

    Mishawaka, IN

    Mitchell, IN

    Modoc, IN

    Mongo, IN

    Monon, IN

    Monroe City, IN

    Monroe, IN

    Monroeville, IN

    Monrovia, IN

    Monterey, IN

    Montezuma, IN

    Montgomery, IN

    Monticello, IN

    Montmorenci, IN

    Montpelier, IN

    Mooreland, IN

    Moores Hill, IN

    Mooresville, IN

    Morgantown, IN

    Morocco, IN

    Morris, IN

    Morristown, IN

    Mount Auburn, IN

    Mount Ayr, IN

    Mount Carmel, IN

    Mount Etna, IN

    Mount Summit, IN

    Mount Vernon, IN

    Mulberry, IN

    Muncie, IN

    Munster, IN

    Nabb, IN

    Napoleon, IN

    Nappanee, IN

    Nashville, IN

    Needham, IN

    New Albany, IN

    New Amsterdam, IN

    New Carlisle, IN

    New Castle, IN

    New Chicago, IN

    New Goshen, IN

    New Harmony, IN

    New Haven, IN

    New-Lebanon, IN

    New-Lisbon, IN

    New Market, IN

    New Middletown, IN

    New Palestine, IN

    New Paris, IN

    New Pekin, IN

    New-Point, IN

    New Richmond, IN

    New Ross, IN

    New Salisbury, IN

    New-Trenton, IN

    New Washington, IN

    New Waverly, IN

    New Whiteland, IN

    Newberry, IN

    Newburgh, IN

    Newport, IN

    Newtown, IN

    Nineveh, IN

    Noblesville, IN

    Norman, IN

    North Judson, IN

    North Liberty, IN

    North Manchester, IN

    North Salem, IN

    North Terre Haute, IN

    North Vernon, IN

    North Webster, IN

    Norway, IN

    Oak Park, IN

    Oakford, IN

    Oakland City, IN

    Oaktown, IN

    Oakville, IN

    Odon, IN

    Ogden Dunes, IN

    Oldenburg, IN

    Onward, IN

    Oolitic, IN

    Ora, IN

    Orestes, IN

    Orland, IN

    Orleans, IN

    Osceola, IN

    Osgood, IN

    Ossian, IN

    Otisco, IN

    Otterbein, IN

    Otwell, IN

    Owensburg, IN

    Owensville, IN

    Oxford, IN

    Palmyra, IN

    Paoli, IN

    Paragon, IN

    Paris Crossing, IN

    Parker City, IN

    Patoka, IN

    Patricksburg, IN

    Patriot, IN

    Paxton, IN

    Pekin, IN

    Pendleton, IN

    Pennville, IN

    Perrysville, IN

    Pershing, IN

    Peru, IN

    Petersburg, IN

    Petroleum, IN

    Pierceton, IN

    Pierceville, IN

    Pimento, IN

    Pine Village, IN

    Pittsboro, IN

    Plainfield, IN

    Plainville, IN

    Pleasant Lake, IN

    Pleasant-Mills, IN

    Plymouth, IN

    Poland, IN

    Poneto, IN

    Portage, IN

    Porter, IN

    Portland, IN

    Poseyville, IN

    Prairie-Creek, IN

    Prairieton, IN

    Preble, IN

    Princes Lakes, IN

    Princeton, IN

    Putnamville, IN

    Quincy, IN

    Ragsdale, IN

    Ramsey, IN

    Redkey, IN

    Reelsville, IN

    Remington, IN

    Rensselaer, IN

    Reynolds, IN

    Richland, IN

    Richmond, IN

    Ridgeville, IN

    Riley, IN

    Rising Sun, IN

    Roachdale, IN

    Roann, IN

    Roanoke, IN

    Rochester, IN

    Rockfield, IN

    Rockport, IN

    Rockville, IN

    Rocky Ripple, IN

    Rolling Prairie, IN

    Rome City, IN

    Rome, IN

    Romney, IN

    Rosedale, IN

    Roseland, IN

    Roselawn, IN

    Rossville, IN

    Royal Center, IN

    Rushville, IN

    Russellville, IN

    Russiaville, IN

    Salamonia, IN

    Salem, IN

    San Pierre, IN

    Sandborn, IN

    Santa Claus, IN

    Saratoga, IN

    Schererville, IN

    Schneider, IN

    Schnellville, IN

    Scipio, IN

    Scotland, IN

    Scottsburg, IN

    Sedalia, IN

    Seelyville, IN

    Sellersburg, IN

    Selma, IN

    Servia, IN

    Seymour, IN

    Shadeland, IN

    Shamrock Lakes, IN

    Sharpsville, IN

    Shelburn, IN

    Shelby, IN

    Shelbyville, IN

    Shepardsville, IN

    Sheridan, IN

    Shipshewana, IN

    Shirley, IN

    Shoals, IN

    Sidney, IN

    Silver Lake, IN

    Simonton Lake, IN

    Smithville, IN

    Solsberry, IN

    Somerset, IN

    Somerville, IN

    South Bend, IN

    South Haven, IN

    South-Milford, IN

    South Whitley, IN

    Southport, IN

    Speedway, IN

    Spencer, IN

    Spencerville, IN

    Spiceland, IN

    Spring Grove, IN

    Spring Hill, IN

    Springport, IN

    Springville, IN

    Spurgeon, IN

    St. Anthony, IN

    St. Bernice, IN

    St. Croix, IN

    St. Joe, IN

    St. John, IN

    St. Leon, IN

    St. Meinrad, IN

    St. Paul, IN

    Stanford, IN

    Star City, IN

    State-Line, IN

    Staunton, IN

    Stendal, IN

    Stilesville, IN

    Stinesville, IN

    Stockwell, IN

    Straughn, IN

    Stroh, IN

    Sullivan, IN

    Sulphur, IN

    Sulphur Springs, IN

    Sumava-Resorts, IN

    Summitville, IN

    Sunman, IN

    Swayzee, IN

    Sweetser, IN

    Switz City, IN

    Syracuse, IN

    Talbot, IN

    Taswell, IN

    Taylorsville, IN

    Tefft, IN

    Tell City, IN

    Templeton, IN

    Tennyson, IN

    Terre Haute, IN

    Thayer, IN

    Thorntown, IN

    Tippecanoe, IN

    Tipton, IN

    Topeka, IN

    Town of Pines, IN

    Trafalgar, IN

    Trail Creek, IN

    Tri-Lakes, IN

    Troy, IN

    Tunnelton, IN

    Twelve Mile, IN

    Tyner, IN

    Ulen, IN

    Underwood, IN

    Union City, IN

    Union Mills, IN

    Uniondale, IN

    Unionville, IN

    Universal, IN

    Upland, IN

    Urbana, IN

    Utica, IN

    Vallonia, IN

    Valparaiso, IN

    Van Buren, IN

    Veedersburg, IN

    Velpen, IN

    Vera Cruz, IN

    Vernon, IN

    Versailles, IN

    Vevay, IN

    Vincennes, IN

    Wabash, IN

    Wadesville, IN

    Wakarusa, IN

    Waldron, IN

    Walkerton, IN

    Wallace, IN

    Walton, IN

    Wanatah, IN

    Warren, IN

    Warren Park, IN

    Warsaw, IN

    Washington, IN

    Waterloo, IN

    Waveland, IN

    Wawaka, IN

    Waynetown, IN

    Webster, IN

    West Baden Springs, IN

    West College Corner, IN

    West Harrison, IN

    West Lafayette, IN

    West Lebanon, IN

    West-Middleton, IN

    West-Newton, IN

    West Terre Haute, IN

    Westfield, IN

    Westphalia, IN

    Westpoint, IN

    Westport, IN

    Westville, IN

    Wheatfield, IN

    Wheatland, IN

    Wheeler, IN

    Whiteland, IN

    Whitestown, IN

    Whiting, IN

    Wilkinson, IN

    Williams Creek, IN

    Williams, IN

    Williamsburg, IN

    Williamsport, IN

    Winamac, IN

    Winchester, IN

    Windfall, IN

    Winfield, IN

    Wingate, IN

    Winona Lake, IN

    Winslow, IN

    Wolcott, IN

    Wolcottville, IN

    Wolflake, IN

    Woodburn, IN

    Worthington, IN

    Wyatt, IN

    Wynnedale, IN

    Yeoman, IN

    Yoder, IN

    Yorktown, IN

    Young-America, IN

    Zanesville, IN

    Zionsville, IN

All Counties in Indiana

    Adams County, IN

    Allen County, IN

    Bartholomew County, IN

    Benton County, IN

    Blackford County, IN

    Boone County, IN

    Brown County, IN

    Carroll County, IN

    Cass County, IN

    Clark County, IN

    Clay County, IN

    Clinton County, IN

    Crawford County, IN

    Daviess County, IN

    Dearborn County, IN

    Decatur County, IN

    Dekalb County, IN

    Delaware County, IN

    Dubois County, IN

    Elkhart County, IN

    Fayette County, IN

    Floyd County, IN

    Fountain County, IN

    Franklin County, IN

    Fulton County, IN

    Gibson County, IN

    Grant County, IN

    Greene County, IN

    Hamilton County, IN

    Hancock County, IN

    Harrison County, IN

    Hendricks County, IN

    Henry County, IN

    Howard County, IN

    Huntington County, IN

    Jackson County, IN

    Jasper County, IN

    Jay County, IN

    Jefferson County, IN

    Jennings County, IN

    Johnson County, IN

    Knox County, IN

    Kosciusko County, IN

    Lagrange County, IN

    Lake County, IN

    Laporte County, IN

    Lawrence County, IN

    Madison County, IN

    Marion County, IN

    Marshall County, IN

    Martin County, IN

    Miami County, IN

    Monroe County, IN

    Montgomery County, IN

    Morgan County, IN

    Newton County, IN

    Noble County, IN

    Ohio County, IN

    Orange County, IN

    Owen County, IN

    Parke County, IN

    Perry County, IN

    Pike County, IN

    Porter County, IN

    Posey County, IN

    Pulaski County, IN

    Putnam County, IN

    Randolph County, IN

    Ripley County, IN

    Rush County, IN

    Scott County, IN

    Shelby County, IN

    Spencer County, IN

    St Joseph County, IN

    Starke County, IN

    Steuben County, IN

    Sullivan County, IN

    Switzerland County, IN

    Tippecanoe County, IN

    Tipton County, IN

    Union County, IN

    Vanderburgh County, IN

    Vermillion County, IN

    Vigo County, IN

    Wabash County, IN

    Warren County, IN

    Warrick County, IN

    Washington County, IN

    Wayne County, IN

    Wells County, IN

    White County, IN

    Whitley County, IN