Arkansas 55 Seasoned Driver Training Program. The Online Course That Pays for Itself...

Arkansas 55 Alive Mature Driver Course

  Seasoned Driver Training Program

  Driver Improvement Classes  Online Traffic School

The Online Course That Pays for Itself...

According to mandated state laws, people age 55 and older who complete a state approved defensive driving course are eligible to receive a 10 percent, three-year discount on auto insurance.

You will be eligible for the Mature Drivers Defensive Driving 55 Alive Course if you are 55 years of age or older!  Start saving as soon as you complete the course.  And the savings keep coming for the next three (3) years!!!

All residents aged 55 or older qualify for a discount of between 10-15% simply by taking this user-friendly online course. You could save thousands over the course of the discount!

It certainly pays for itself to take the course right away.  Check with your agent/company for more information regarding premium discounts. 

 Your Success is Guaranteed

With subject-specific chapters and unlimited quiz retakes, you are guaranteed to pass and receive your insurance discount. You never need to leave your home, you never have to sit for hours in a classroom, and you will save both time and money in the process.                                       

Sign up today and start your savings!!!!  You may take as long as needed to complete the course, or complete the course all at once if you prefer...

Arkansas 55+ Mature Driver Program

  Defensive Driving Class for the state of AR.   


    Adona, AR

    Alexander, AR

    Alicia, AR

    Alix, AR

    Alleene, AR

    Allport, AR

    Alma, AR

    Almyra, AR

    Alpena, AR

    Altheimer, AR

    Altus, AR

    Amagon, AR

    Amity, AR

    Antoine, AR

    Arkadelphia, AR

    Arkansas City, AR

    Armorel, AR

    Ash Flat, AR

    Ashdown, AR

    Atkins, AR

    Aubrey, AR

    Augusta, AR

    Austin, AR

    Avoca, AR

    Bald Knob, AR

    Banks, AR

    Barling, AR

    Barton, AR

    Bassett, AR

    Batesville, AR

    Bauxite, AR

    Bay, AR

    Bearden, AR

    Beaver, AR

    Bee Branch, AR

    Beebe, AR

    Beech Grove, AR

    Beedeville, AR

    Beirne, AR

    Bella Vista, AR

    Bellefonte, AR

    Belleville, AR

    Ben Lomond, AR

    Benton, AR

    Bentonville, AR

    Bergman, AR

    Berryville, AR

    Bethel Heights, AR

    Bexar, AR

    Big Flat, AR

    Bigelow, AR

    Biggers, AR

    Birdsong, AR

    Biscoe, AR

    Bismarck, AR

    Black Oak, AR

    Black Rock, AR

    Black Springs, AR

    Blevins, AR

    Blue Eye, AR

    Blue Mountain, AR

    Bluff City, AR

    Bluffton, AR

    Blytheville, AR

    Board-Camp, AR

    Bodcaw, AR

    Boles, AR

    Bonanza, AR

    Bonnerdale, AR

    Bono, AR

    Booneville, AR

    Bradford, AR

    Bradley, AR

    Branch, AR

    Briarcliff, AR

    Brickeys, AR

    Briggsville, AR

    Brinkley, AR

    Brockwell, AR

    Brookland, AR

    Bryant, AR

    Buckner, AR

    Bull Shoals, AR

    Burdette, AR

    Cabot, AR

    Caddo Gap, AR

    Caddo Valley, AR

    Caldwell, AR

    Cale, AR

    Calico Rock, AR

    Calion, AR

    Camden, AR

    Cammack Village, AR

    Camp, AR

    Campbell Station, AR

    Canehill, AR

    Caraway, AR

    Carlisle, AR

    Carthage, AR

    Casa, AR

    Cash, AR

    Casscoe, AR

    Caulksville, AR

    Cave City, AR

    Cave Springs, AR

    Cecil, AR

    Cedarville, AR

    Center Ridge, AR

    Centerton, AR

    Centerville, AR

    Central City, AR

    Charleston, AR

    Charlotte, AR

    Cherokee Village, AR

    Cherry Valley, AR

    Chester, AR

    Chidester, AR

    Choctaw, AR

    Clarendon, AR

    Clarkedale, AR

    Clarkridge, AR

    Clarksville, AR

    Cleveland, AR

    Clinton, AR

    Coal Hill, AR

    College City, AR

    College Station, AR

    Colt, AR

    Columbus, AR

    Combs, AR

    Compton, AR

    Concord, AR

    Conway, AR

    Cord, AR

    Corning, AR

    Cotter, AR

    Cotton Plant, AR

    Cove, AR

    Coy, AR

    Crawfordsville, AR

    Crocketts Bluff, AR

    Crory, AR

    Crossett, AR

    Crumrod, AR

    Curtis, AR

    Cushman, AR

    Daisy, AR

    Damascus, AR

    Danville, AR

    Dardanelle, AR

    Datto, AR

    De Queen, AR

    De Valls Bluff, AR

    De Witt, AR

    Decatur, AR

    Deer, AR

    Delaplaine, AR

    Delaware, AR

    Delight, AR

    Dell, AR

    Dennard, AR

    Denning, AR

    Dermott, AR

    Des Arc, AR

    Desha, AR

    Diamond City, AR

    Diaz, AR

    Dierks, AR

    Doddridge, AR

    Dolph, AR

    Donaldson, AR

    Dover, AR

    Drasco, AR

    Driver, AR

    Dumas, AR

    Dyer, AR

    Dyess, AR

    Earle, AR

    East Camden, AR

    East End, AR

    Edgemont, AR

    Edmondson, AR

    Egypt, AR

    El Dorado, AR

    El Paso, AR

    Elaine, AR

    Elizabeth, AR

    Elkins, AR

    Elm Springs, AR

    Emerson, AR

    Emmet, AR

    England, AR

    Enola, AR

    Ethel, AR

    Etowah, AR

    Eudora, AR

    Eureka Springs, AR

    Evansville, AR

    Evening Shade, AR

    Everton, AR

    Fairfield Bay, AR

    Fargo, AR

    Farmington, AR

    Fayetteville, AR

    Felsenthal, AR

    Fifty-Six, AR

    Fisher, AR

    Flippin, AR

    Floral, AR

    Fordyce, AR

    Foreman, AR

    Forrest City, AR

    Fort Smith, AR

    Fouke, AR

    Fountain Hill, AR

    Fountain Lake, AR

    Fourche, AR

    Fox, AR

    Franklin, AR

    Frenchmans-Bayou, AR

    Friendship, AR

    Fulton, AR

    Gamaliel, AR

    Garfield, AR

    Garland, AR

    Garner, AR

    Gassville, AR

    Gateway, AR

    Genoa, AR

    Gentry, AR

    Georgetown, AR

    Gepp, AR

    Gibson, AR

    Gilbert, AR

    Gillett, AR

    Gillham, AR

    Gilmore, AR

    Glencoe, AR

    Glenwood, AR

    Goodwin, AR

    Goshen, AR

    Gosnell, AR

    Gould, AR

    Grady, AR

    Grannis, AR

    Grapevine, AR

    Gravel Ridge, AR

    Gravelly, AR

    Gravette, AR

    Green Forest, AR

    Greenbrier, AR

    Greenland, AR

    Greenway, AR

    Greenwood, AR

    Greers Ferry, AR

    Gregory, AR

    Griffithville, AR

    Grubbs, AR

    Guion, AR

    Gum Springs, AR

    Gurdon, AR

    Guy, AR

    Hackett, AR

    Hagarville, AR

    Hamburg, AR

    Hampton, AR

    Hardy, AR

    Harrell, AR

    Harriet, AR

    Harrisburg, AR

    Harrison, AR

    Hartford, AR

    Hartman, AR

    Harvey, AR

    Haskell, AR

    Hasty, AR

    Hatfield, AR

    Hattieville, AR

    Havana, AR

    Haynes, AR

    Hazen, AR

    Heber Springs, AR

    Hector, AR

    Helena, AR

    Henderson, AR

    Hensley, AR

    Hermitage, AR

    Heth, AR

    Hickory-Plains, AR

    Hickory Ridge, AR

    Higden, AR

    Higginson, AR

    Highfill, AR

    Highland, AR

    Hindsville, AR

    Hiwasse, AR

    Holland, AR

    Holly Grove, AR

    Hope, AR

    Horatio, AR

    Horseshoe Bend, AR

    Horseshoe Lake, AR

    Hot Springs, AR

    Hot Springs National Park, AR

    Hot Springs Village, AR

    Houston, AR

    Hoxie, AR

    Hughes, AR

    Humnoke, AR

    Humphrey, AR

    Hunter, AR

    Huntington, AR

    Huntsville, AR

    Huttig, AR

    Ida, AR

    Imboden, AR

    Ivan, AR

    Jacksonport, AR

    Jacksonville, AR

    Jasper, AR

    Jefferson, AR

    Jennette, AR

    Jericho, AR

    Jersey, AR

    Jerusalem, AR

    Jessieville, AR

    Johnson, AR

    Joiner, AR

    Jones Mill, AR

    Jonesboro, AR

    Judsonia, AR

    Junction City, AR

    Keiser, AR

    Kensett, AR

    Keo, AR

    Kibler, AR

    Kingsland, AR

    Kingston, AR

    Kirby, AR

    Knobel, AR

    Knoxville, AR

    La-Grange, AR

    Lafe, AR

    Lake City, AR

    Lake Hamilton, AR

    Lake View, AR

    Lake Village, AR

    Lakeview, AR

    Lamar, AR

    Lambrook, AR

    Laneburg, AR

    Langley, AR

    Lavaca, AR

    Lawson, AR

    Leachville, AR

    Lead Hill, AR

    Leola, AR

    Lepanto, AR

    Leslie, AR

    Letona, AR

    Lewisville, AR

    Lexa, AR

    Lincoln, AR

    Little Flock, AR

    Little Rock, AR

    Lockesburg, AR

    Locust Grove, AR

    London, AR

    Lonoke, AR

    Lonsdale, AR

    Louann, AR

    Lowell, AR

    Luxora, AR

    Lynn, AR

    Mabelvale, AR

    Madison, AR

    Magazine, AR

    Magness, AR

    Magnolia, AR

    Malvern, AR

    Mammoth Spring, AR

    Manila, AR

    Mansfield, AR

    Marcella, AR

    Marianna, AR

    Marie, AR

    Marion, AR

    Marked Tree, AR

    Marmaduke, AR

    Marshall, AR

    Marvell, AR

    Maumelle, AR

    Mayflower, AR

    Maynard, AR

    Maysville, AR

    McAlmont, AR

    McCaskill, AR

    McCrory, AR

    McDougal, AR

    McGehee, AR

    McNab, AR

    McNeil, AR

    McRae, AR

    Melbourne, AR

    Mellwood, AR

    Mena, AR

    Menifee, AR

    Midland, AR

    Midway, AR

    Mineral Springs, AR

    Minturn, AR

    Mitchellville, AR

    Monette, AR

    Monroe, AR

    Monticello, AR

    Montrose, AR

    Moorefield, AR

    Moro, AR

    Morrilton, AR

    Morrison Bluff, AR

    Morrow, AR

    Moscow, AR

    Mount Holly, AR

    Mount Ida, AR

    Mount-Judea, AR

    Mount Pleasant, AR

    Mount Vernon, AR

    Mountain Home, AR

    Mountain Pine, AR

    Mountain View, AR

    Mountainburg, AR

    Mulberry, AR

    Murfreesboro, AR

    Nashville, AR

    Natural Dam, AR

    Neil, AR

    New Blaine, AR

    New Edinburg, AR

    Newark, AR

    Newhope, AR

    Newport, AR

    Nimmons, AR

    Norfork, AR

    Norman, AR

    Norphlet, AR

    North Crossett, AR

    North Little Rock, AR

    Oak Grove, AR

    Oak Grove Heights, AR

    Oakland, AR

    Oark, AR

    Oden, AR

    Ogden, AR

    Oil Trough, AR

    O'Kean, AR

    Okolona, AR

    Ola, AR

    Omaha, AR

    Oneida, AR

    Onia, AR

    Oppelo, AR

    Osceola, AR

    Oxford, AR

    Ozan, AR

    Ozark, AR

    Ozone, AR

    Palestine, AR

    Pangburn, AR

    Paragould, AR

    Paris, AR

    Parkdale, AR

    Parkin, AR

    Parks, AR

    Paron, AR

    Parthenon, AR

    Patmos, AR

    Patterson, AR

    Pea Ridge, AR

    Peach Orchard, AR

    Pearcy, AR

    Peel, AR

    Pencil Bluff, AR

    Perla, AR

    Perry, AR

    Perrytown, AR

    Perryville, AR

    Pettigrew, AR

    Pickens, AR

    Piggott, AR

    Pindall, AR

    Pine Bluff, AR

    Pineville, AR

    Piney, AR

    Plainview, AR

    Pleasant-Grove, AR

    Pleasant Plains, AR

    Plumerville, AR

    Pocahontas, AR

    Pollard, AR

    Ponca, AR

    Poplar Grove, AR

    Portia, AR

    Portland, AR

    Pottsville, AR

    Poughkeepsie, AR

    Powhatan, AR

    Poyen, AR

    Prairie Creek, AR

    Prairie Grove, AR

    Prattsville, AR

    Prescott, AR

    Prim, AR

    Proctor, AR

    Pyatt, AR

    Quitman, AR

    Rae, AR

    Ratcliff, AR

    Ravenden, AR

    Ravenden Springs, AR

    Reader, AR

    Rector, AR

    Redfield, AR

    Reed, AR

    Reydell, AR

    Reyno, AR

    Rison, AR

    Rivervale, AR

    Rockport, AR

    Rockwell, AR

    Roe, AR

    Rogers, AR

    Roland, AR

    Romance, AR

    Rondo, AR

    Rose Bud, AR

    Rosie, AR

    Rosston, AR

    Rover, AR

    Royal, AR

    Rudy, AR

    Russell, AR

    Russellville, AR

    Saffell, AR

    Sage, AR

    Salado, AR

    Salem, AR

    Salem, Fulton, AR

    Salesville, AR

    Saratoga, AR

    Scotland, AR

    Scott, AR

    Scranton, AR

    Searcy, AR

    Sedgwick, AR

    Shannon Hills, AR

    Sheridan, AR

    Sherrill, AR

    Sherwood, AR

    Shirley, AR

    Sidney, AR

    Siloam Springs, AR

    Sims, AR

    Smackover, AR

    Smithville, AR

    Snow-Lake, AR

    Solgohachia, AR

    South Lead Hill, AR

    Sparkman, AR

    Springdale, AR

    Springfield, AR

    Springtown, AR

    St. Charles, AR

    St. Francis, AR

    St. Joe, AR

    St. Paul, AR

    Stamps, AR

    Star City, AR

    State University, AR

    Stephens, AR

    Story, AR

    Strawberry, AR

    Strong, AR

    Sturkie, AR

    Stuttgart, AR

    Subiaco, AR

    Success, AR

    Sulphur Rock, AR

    Sulphur Springs, AR

    Summers, AR

    Summit, AR

    Sunset, AR

    Sweet Home, AR

    Swifton, AR

    Taylor, AR

    Texarkana, AR

    Thida, AR

    Thornton, AR

    Tichnor, AR

    Tillar, AR

    Tilly, AR

    Timbo, AR

    Tollette, AR

    Tontitown, AR

    Traskwood, AR

    Trumann, AR

    Tucker, AR

    Tuckerman, AR

    Tull, AR

    Tumbling Shoals, AR

    Tupelo, AR

    Turner, AR

    Turrell, AR

    Twin Groves, AR

    Tyronza, AR

    Ulm, AR

    Umpire, AR

    Uniontown, AR

    Valley Springs, AR

    Valley View, AR

    Van Buren, AR

    Vandervoort, AR

    Vanndale, AR

    Vendor, AR

    Victoria, AR

    Vilonia, AR

    Viola, AR

    Violet-Hill, AR

    Wabash, AR

    Wabbaseka, AR

    Walcott, AR

    Waldenburg, AR

    Waldo, AR

    Waldron, AR

    Walnut Ridge, AR

    Ward, AR

    Warm Springs, AR

    Warren, AR

    Washington, AR

    Watson, AR

    Weiner, AR

    Weldon, AR

    Wesley, AR

    West Crossett, AR

    West Fork, AR

    West Helena, AR

    West Memphis, AR

    West Point, AR

    West-Ridge, AR

    Western Grove, AR

    Wheatley, AR

    Whelen Springs, AR

    White Hall, AR

    Wickes, AR

    Wideman, AR

    Widener, AR

    Wiederkehr Village, AR

    Wilburn, AR

    Williford, AR

    Willisville, AR

    Wilmar, AR

    Wilmot, AR

    Wilson, AR

    Wilton, AR

    Winchester, AR

    Winslow, AR

    Winthrop, AR

    Wiseman, AR

    Witter, AR

    Witts-Springs, AR

    Woodson, AR

    Wooster, AR

    Wright, AR

    Wrightsville, AR

    Wynne, AR

    Yellville, AR

    Yorktown, AR

    Zinc, AR

 Counties in Arkansas

    Arkansas County, AR

    Ashley County, AR

    Baxter County, AR

    Benton County, AR

    Boone County, AR

    Bradley County, AR

    Calhoun County, AR

    Carroll County, AR

    Chicot County, AR

    Clark County, AR

    Clay County, AR

    Cleburne County, AR

    Cleveland County, AR

    Columbia County, AR

    Conway County, AR

    Craighead County, AR

    Crawford County, AR

    Crittenden County, AR

    Cross County, AR

    Dallas County, AR

    Desha County, AR

    Drew County, AR

    Faulkner County, AR

    Franklin County, AR

    Fulton County, AR

    Garland County, AR

    Grant County, AR

    Greene County, AR

    Hempstead County, AR

    Hot Spring County, AR

    Howard County, AR

    Independence County, AR

    Izard County, AR

    Jackson County, AR

    Jefferson County, AR

    Johnson County, AR

    Lafayette County, AR

    Lawrence County, AR

    Lee County, AR

    Lincoln County, AR

    Little River County, AR

    Logan County, AR

    Lonoke County, AR

    Madison County, AR

    Marion County, AR

    Miller County, AR

    Mississippi County, AR

    Monroe County, AR

    Montgomery County, AR

    Nevada County, AR

    Newton County, AR

    Ouachita County, AR

    Perry County, AR

    Phillips County, AR

    Pike County, AR

    Poinsett County, AR

    Polk County, AR

    Pope County, AR

    Prairie County, AR

    Pulaski County, AR

    Randolph County, AR

    Saline County, AR

    Scott County, AR

    Searcy County, AR

    Sebastian County, AR

    Sevier County, AR

    Sharp County, AR

    St Francis County, AR

    Stone County, AR

    Union County, AR

    Van Buren County, AR

    Washington County, AR

    White County, AR

    Woodruff County, AR

    Yell County, AR